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1983Asto : curacazgo prehispánico de los Andes CentralesLavallée, D.; Julien, M.IDRC Only
1991Biodiversity : a Third World perspectiveThird World Network; Shiva, V.IDRC Only
1993Boletín bibliografico / Fundación Natura, Centro de Documentación sobre Amazonía y Bosque Húmedo Tropical, no. 2, jul. 1993Fundación NaturaIDRC Only
1993Carabayllo rural : tierra, agua y vidaAlternativa Centro de Investigación Social y Educación PopularIDRC Only
2003Cost-benefit analysis of resettlement policy : a case study of Ob Luang National Park, Northern ThailandNabangchang, OrapanOpen Access
2009Cost-effectiveness of policy options for sustainable wetland conservation : a case study of Qixinghe Wetland, ChinaWu Jian; Wang Xiaoxia; Niu Kunyu; Li ShushanOpen Access
1979Documentos discusión y documentos informativos / Reunión Consultativa sobre Información en Asentamientos Humanos, México, D.F., 1-3 marzo 1979Centro de Investigación, Documentación e información sobre la Vivienda; México. Secretaría de Asentamientos Humanos y Obras PúblicasIDRC Only
1985Drought and related issues in social sciences research in selected SADCC countriesMascarenhas, A.C.IDRC Only
1975Environment and financial institutions.UNEP; Strong, M.F.IDRC Only
1990Environment, habitat and health : report of a seminar workshop held in Montevideo during Nov. 12-15, 1990; "The Urban Environment, Living Conditions and Human Needs in Latin America, their Dynamics and Health and Psychosocial Implications - a Call for Action"Karolinska Institutet; International Institute for Environment and Development; Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios sobre el Desarrollo UruguayIDRC Only
1982Fish production and community structure in a tropical rainforest river system on Northern Borneo (Sarawak, Malaysia)Watson, D.J.IDRC Only
1983Forestry labour, neo-liberalism and the authoritarian state : Chile, 1973-1981Diaz, H.P.IDRC Only
1976Habitat : l'action suivra-t'elle l'éloquence?Laquian, A.A.Open Access
1976Habitat : solo el comienzoLaquian, A.A.Open Access
1976Habitat : the end of the beginning?Laquin, A.A.Open Access
1997How to design a marine reserve for rabbitfish (Siganus fuscescens)Bellefleur, D.IDRC Only
2007IDRC-partners @ WUF 2006 : 6 months after; tracer studyMougeot, Luc; Bradley, MeganOpen Access
1989Integration of Burundi refugees in Tanzania : a case study of planned and self-settlementsAnthony, A.C.; Mbago, M.IDRC Only
2003Living with nature? : assessing resettlement from a National Park in ThailandIDRC Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia. EEPSEAOpen Access
1987Malaria I : vectors and their biologyTROPMED National Centre of Thailand, TROPMED Museum and Reference CentreIDRC Only