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-AGE digest / Asian Institute of Technology, Asian Geotechnical Engineering Information CenterAsian Institute of TechnologyIDRC Only
-Bamboo abstractsChinese Academy of ForestryIDRC Only
1991BIC - India bulletin / Kerala Forest Research Institute, Bamboo Information Centre - IndiaKerala Forest Research Institute. Bamboo Information Centre - IndiaIDRC Only
-DEVINSA abstracts / Development Information Network for South AsiaDevelopment Information Network for South Asia; Marga InstituteIDRC Only
1987DEVINSA abstracts quarterly / Development Information Network for South Asia, v. 1, no. 1, July/Sept. 1987Development Information Network for South Asia; Marga InstituteIDRC Only
-PLANINDEX : resúmenes de documentos sobre planificaciónCentro Latinoamericano de Documentación Económica y SocialIDRC Only
1982SECIN abstracts : journal of the Socio-Economic Information NetworkNational Council on Libraries, Archives and Documentation ServicesIDRC Only
1991State of Philippines Upland Research: Profile and Annotated Bibliography, Volume IILibrero, Araceli D; Lameyara, Zosima C; Lansigan, Evangeline PIDRC Only
1986Summaries of written submissions presented in connection with the public hearings of the World Commission on Environment and Development in Ottawa, Canada, May 26-28, 1986McMillan, T.; Environment CanadaIDRC Only
-Tea abstracts [Chinese language]Chinese Academy of Agricultural SciencesIDRC Only