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1985Collaborative study on septic abortionIndian Council of Medical Research; Saxena, B.N.IDRC Only
1973Consideration of population policy for Canada.Dobson, W.; Brown, G.F.IDRC Only
1979Effects of disincentives on decisions about pregnancy and abortionTan, Siok Bie; Lee, J.; Ratnam, S.S.IDRC Only
1975Epidemiological study of induced abortion by pregnancy screening in a rural community in Egypt, 1972-1973Egypt. Supreme Council for Population and Family Planning; Kamal, I.; El-Nomrossey, M.M.; Bindary, A.; Ghoneim, M.A.; Talaat, M.M.IDRC Only
1989Ethics and human values in family planning : conference highlights, papers and discussionBankowski, Z.; Barzelatto, J.; Capron, A.M.IDRC Only
1977Frontiers in reproduction and fertility controlGreep, R.O.; Koblinsky, M.A.IDRC Only
1979Induced abortion : facts and prospects in ThailandSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Oratai (Charoensilp) RauyajinOpen Access
1972Investigación sobre la fecundidad y la planificación familiar en América LatinaMertens, W.IDRC Only
2010Kimasomaso : speaking boldly about sexual health; maternal deaths, 21 March 2010Abubakar, Amina; Mgomella, George; Karanja, StephenIDRC Only
1989No longer silentMétavidea Associates; Broadcasting for International Understanding Corporation; Vision TV; Henshaw, H.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; Trueman, P.; Lockyer, P.IDRC Only
2004Paulina : violation of abortion rights in Mexico; global health watch case studyGroupo de Información en Reproducción ElegidaIDRC Only
2011Promoting Safe Abortion and Addressing Sex Selection in India: Retrospective Analysis and Strategic Priorities PaperInternational Center for Research on WomenIDRC Only
1992Report on assessment of demographic changes in Beirut during the past two decades using maternity recordsDeeb, MaryIDRC Only
1977Report on maternal health and early pregnancy wastage in peninsular MalaysiaSinnathuray, T.A.; Pathmanathan, I.IDRC Only
1985Reproductive behavior in slums of Belo Horizonteda Silva, Léa Melo; do Carmo Fonseca, MariaIDRC Only
1973Research in fertility controlPovey, G.IDRC Only
1980Resettlement in low cost housing schemes : a case study of knowledge, attitude and practice of family planning in the Cheras low cost housing schemeSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Phang, Siew NooiOpen Access
1975Review of family planning activities in Canada 1974IDRC; Gauthier, H.Open Access
2004Sexual and reproductive health and public policy in Central America : a rights - based analysisClulow, MichaelIDRC Only
18-Jan-2001Strategies for Achieving Gender Equality: Reducing Discrimination against Girls and Realizing Reproductive RightsInternational Center for Research on WomenIDRC Only