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2004Advancing human nutrition without degrading land resources through modeling cropping systems in the Ethiopian HighlandsAmede, T.; Stroud, A.; Aune, J.Open Access
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2011Biomarkers response to zinc exposure in the symbiont-bearing foraminifer Amphistegina lessonii (Amphisteginidae, Foraminifera)Prazeres, M F; Martins, S E; Bianchini, A-
1992Comparison of the seasonal food consumption patterns and zinc status of preschool children living in rural areas of Southern Malawi and Southern GhanaFerguson, E.L.IDRC Only
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2000Effect of zinc fortification of a therapeutic complementary food on the growth and immune function of severely malnourished children in MalawiMacDonald, A.C.IDRC Only
1992Eficiencia y futuros en las bolsas de metalesUniversidad del Pacífico; Urrunaga Pascó-Font, R.; Aguirre Guardia, M.; Huarote Sako, A.IDRC Only
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1978Lime phosphorus zinc interactions and nutrient balance in two Nigerian ultisolsFriesen, D.K.IDRC Only
2012Oxidative stress parameters and antioxidant response to sublethal waterborne zinc in a euryhaline teleost Fundulus heteroclitus : protective effects of salinityLoro, Vania Lucia; Jorge, Mariana Basso; Rios da Silva, Kassio; Wood, Chris M.IDRC Only
2000Zinc and human health : results of recent trials and implications for program interventions and researchMicronutrient Initiative; Brown, K.H.; Wuehler, S.E.Open Access