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2013Breaking barriers empowering young women to participate in democratic politics : manual for facilitatorsUniversity of Sierra Leone. The Gender, Research and Documentation Centre and the Political Science Departments; 50/50 Group of Sierra LeoneOpen Access
Jul-2013Formes traditionnelles, formes nouvelles de l'engagement politique des jeunes femmes en contexte de transition : le cas de la Tunisie; résumé exécutifBen Salem, MaryamOpen Access
2013Policy brief on young women's political participationGovernance and Development InstituteOpen Access
2014Qualitative report for the Young women Govern South Africa project within the Women-Gov projectLewis, Desiree; Shewarega Hussen, TigistIDRC Only
2013Women's Political Participation / Center of Arab Women for the Training and Research (CAWTAR) [English website at:]Center of Arab Women for the Training and Research (CAWTAR)Open Access
2013Young women and political participation : institutional and informal mobilization paving the way to future actions; final technical reportCenter of Arab Women for the Training and Research (CAWTAR)Open Access
30-Aug-2013Young women in political participation in Africa : final technical reportKabwato, Linda K.Open Access
2012Young women's engagement and mentoring in politics and decision-making spheres : a community of practice; final technical reportCIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS; Duquette, HélèneOpen Access
2010Young women's voices, issue 1, September 2010Waichigo, Grace WanjiruIDRC Only