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2008Arab political parties : the case of Yemen [Arabic language]Salahiye, Fouad; El Maytami, MohamedIDRC Only
2006Capacity building in resource mobilization : IDRC needs assessment for MENA research partners; group no. 2 - universitiesCenter for Development ServicesIDRC Only
2008Democracy building in a traditional society [Arabic language]Salahi, FuadIDRC Only
1995Development of archives in YemenInternational Council on Archives; Abu El-Rijal, Ali AhmedIDRC Only
2008Ecohealth Project Yemen / traditional recipes from rural Yemen [Arabic language]Abdelkarim Yaani, AnharIDRC Only
2007Employment trends for women in Yemen, July-August 2004Durr, Mona LisaIDRC Only
2008Estimation genetic variation in faba bean (Vicia faba L.) landraces in Yemen : a thesisYany, Anhar Abdul-karim; Sana'a University, Biology DepartmentIDRC Only
2006Evaluation: Strengthening the national machinery for advancing women’s employment in Yemen[Arabic language]Taher, NadiaOpen Access
2011From Seed to Table (FStT) (RUAF IV 2009 – 2011), region : Middle East and North Africa (MENA); final reportAmerican University of Beirut. Environment and Sustainable Development UnitOpen Access
2010GEM Yemen entrepreneurship report, 2009 : a step toward entrepreneurial activities in YemenALFusail, TahaIDRC Only
2003Improving natural resources management and food security for rural households in the mountains of Yemen : final narrative technical reportInternational Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry AreasIDRC Only
2006International Development Research Centre in Yemen [Arabic language]IDRCOpen Access
2008The introductory seminar on the political role of tribes in Yemen, Sana’a, January 30-31, 2008 [Arabic language]Yemeni Observatory for Human RightsIDRC Only
1998Mountain terraces (Yemen) project : final technical reportInternational Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry AreasIDRC Only
2009Palace and Court: the political role of the tribe in Yemen [Arabic language]Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights; Alshargabi, Adel MujahidIDRC Only
2008Political role of tribe in Yemen [Arabic language]-IDRC Only
2010Political role of tribes in Yemen [Arabic language]Shargabi, Adel MujahidIDRC Only
2008Presentation 2, Yemen tribes [Arabic language]Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights (YOHR)IDRC Only
2009Rassemblement yéménite pour la réforme (al-Islâh) : la difficile construction d'un projet d'alternanceBonnefoy, Laurent; Poirier, MarineIDRC Only
1992Report on CEHANET Appraisal Mission to Republic of Yemen, 8-13 Jan. 1992Al-Shorbaji, N.IDRC Only