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2006Assessment of implementation of regional trade agreements in the Arab countries and the economic and regulatory policy implications of their overlapping : case study - JordanSaif, Ibrahim; Neaime, SimonOpen Access
2004Balancing global relations : the new realities of international trade, Feb. 26-27, 2004; conference reportCanadian Council for International CooperationIDRC Only
2003Bargaining together in Cancun : developing countries and their evolving coalitionsLatin American Trade Network; Narlikar, A.; Tussie, D.Open Access
2002Battle over labor standards in the global economyFreeman, Richard B.Open Access
2006Business for development : empowering business to play a proactive role in the WTO negotiations, Singapore, 4-5 May 2006; summary of the meeting-IDRC Only
2004Canada and the developing world : meeting our responsibilities; reportGroup of 78; Groupe des 78; Francis, R.; Shaw, G.W.; Gordon, N.; Curtis, J.; Weston, A.IDRC Only
2003Canadian development report 2003 : from Doha to Cancun; development and the WTONorth-South Institute; Ross, Lois L.IDRC Only
2000Commercial defence policy : anti-dumping, countervailing measures and safeguards; issues for the future negotiationsTórtora, ManuelaIDRC Only
1999Common thread : issues for women workers in the garment sectorWomen in Informal Employment : Globalizing and Organizing; Delahanty, J.IDRC Only
2008Competitiveness analysis of agricultural products in Mekong River Delta : implications for Vietnam agriculture on accession to WTOLuong Vinh Quoc Duy; Ta Thi Bich Thuy; Nguyen Ngoc Danh; Nguyen Khanh Duy; Truong Thanh VuIDRC Only
2006Consumer rights and the elimination of poverty through global trade : programme evaluationEdwards, JulianOpen Access
2004Consumers and the Global Market (CGM) : report, 1 July 2002 - 31 Jan. 2004Consumers InternationalIDRC Only
2003Deepening the dialogue : expanding the space for policy alternatives; final reportCanadian Council for International CooperationIDRC Only
2005Doha scenarios, trade reforms, and poverty in the Philippines : a CGE analysisCororaton, Caesar B.; Cockburn, John; Corong, ErwinOpen Access
2006Economic and regulatory policy implications of overlapping preferential trade agreements in the Arab countries : the case of EgyptKheir-El-Din, Hanaa; Ghoneim, Ahmed F.Open Access
2006Economic and regulatory policy implications of overlapping preferential trade agreements in the Arab countries : the case of TunisiaChemingui, Mohamed A.; Marouani, Mohamed A.Open Access
1998Emerging issues in international trade relations : some research directionsMedhora, R.Open Access
1996Emerging markets : opportunity or competition?; notes for introductory comments at the IDRC roundtableWeston, A.Open Access
2003Engine of growth or displacement of rural livelihoods? : assessing the impact of WTO, EU and COMESA trade and competition policies on the efficiency, equity and competitiveness of smallholder contract farming in KenyaOchieng, Cosmas Milton OboteIDRC Only
2002Evaluation of Palestinian international economic and trade agreements-IDRC Only