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1995Articles on the management of change in the workplaceBridges, W.; Leonard, B.; Sonnesyn Brooks, S.; Hoffman, R.; Semler, R.IDRC Only
1987Bibliography on women at work in India : an update 1985-1986Suchitra Anant; Gosh, S.; Ramani Rao, S.V.IDRC Only
1995Collection of summaries on the management of changeIDRC. Library; Bridges, W.; Leonard, B.; Sonnesyn Brooks, S.; Hoffman, R.; Semler, R.Open Access
2006Decent work deficits in informal economy : case of SuratKantor, Paula; Rani, Uma; Unni, JeemolIDRC Only
1996Health gap : beyond pregnancy and reproductionKitts, Jennifer; Hatcher Roberts, JanetOpen Access
Sep-1996Information and telecommunication technologies : the impact of their adoption on small and medium sized enterprisesLefebvre, Elisabeth; Lefebvre, Louis A.Open Access
2004Measuring the value of life and limb : estimating compensating wage differentials among workers in Chennai and MumbaiSouth Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics; Madheswaran, S.Open Access
1981Report on Silicosis Project, SudanBallal, S.E.D.G.IDRC Only
1979Research on literacy and work among the rural poorKing, K.IDRC Only
1983Socio-economic consequences of contract labour migration in the Philippines : technical reportTeodosio, Virginia A.; Jimenez, Carolina J.; Smart, John E.; Ministry of Labor and Employment, Institute of Labor and Manpower StudiesIDRC Only
1985Statement to the WCEDBlanchard, FrancisIDRC Only
1990Study of health profile of the workers in small scale Egyptian pesticide factories and its relation to environmentAmir, O.A.A.IDRC Only
1986Trade unions and protection of nature in the USSRSemyonov, A.P.IDRC Only
1982Workers' education in Latin America : the educational role of producer cooperatives in Mexico, D.F.Morales-Gómez, D.A.IDRC Only
1985Young workers and urban services : a case study of Penang, MalaysiaUniversiti Sains Malaysia; Salih, K.; Young, Mei Ling; Chan Lean Heng; Loh Kok Wah; Chan Chee KhoonIDRC Only