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1984Canadian Manufacturers' Association trade mission to South East AsiaEfford, I.E.IDRC Only
1988Coconut timber utilizationAsian and Pacific Coconut CommunityIDRC Only
1979Considerations for the use of timber in housing and small buildings in PeruArbaiza M., C.E.IDRC Only
1985Economic feasibility analysis for a typical wood densification plant in CanadaFavot, P.IDRC Only
1985Feasibility Program for a New Wood Industry Technology for MalaysiaRenova Manufacturing Co. Ltd.IDRC Only
1992Fingering a solution to China's dwindling forestsZhao QuinhuaOpen Access
1991IDRC final report / Oil Palm Trunk UtilisationForest Research Institute MalaysiaIDRC Only
1987IDRC Palmwood Utilization Research Network in AsiaIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East AsiaOpen Access
1985Indigenous apprenticeship and on the job training practices in Uganda : a study of the metal and wood working craftsmen and apprenticesOdurkene, J.N.IDRC Only
1978Modified drum kilns for coco shell charcoal productionEconomic Development FoundationIDRC Only
1976Natural durability and preservation of one hundred tropical African woodsFortin, Yves; Poliquin, JeanOpen Access
-Natural wood preservatives show promiseCalvé, Louis; Zaya, PierreIDRC Only
1991Oil palm stem utilisation : review of researchForest Research Institute Malaysia; Shaari, K.; Khoo, K.C.; Abdul Razak, M.A.IDRC Only
1987Palmwood utilization : sago properties and its utilization; final reportFederation of American Societies for Experimental BiologyIDRC Only
1986Tigney wood refineryIDRCIDRC Only
1984Tropical timber for building materials in the Andean Group countries of South AmericaKeenan, F.J.; Tejada, MarceloOpen Access
1991Wood utilizationZhu, H.; Luo, W.; Yan, Z; Ji, C.; Hou, Z.IDRC Only
1986Wood utilization (China) : preliminary report of the evaluation teamBello, E.; Ganapathy, P.M.; Buhnnum Kyokong; Siddiqui, K.M.; Murphy, A.S.N.Open Access
1989Wood utilization : 1989 inspection reportChow, S.Open Access