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2011Achievements and Evolution of the Reform of the Rights to State-owned Forests in Yichun City: An Investigative ReportJian, YanIDRC Only
1993Bamboo Mat Board (India) / Final Technical ReportIndia Plywood Industries Research and Training InstituteIDRC Only
1996Canadian journal of development studies, v. 17, no. 1, 1996Canadian Association for the Study of International Development; University of Ottawa; Rempel, Henry; Lévy, Brigitte; Medhora, Rohinton; Dung Vuong; Pétrin, DianeIDRC Only
1995Final project report / Date Palm Midrib Utilization ProjectAin Shams University; El-Mously, H.IDRC Only
1992Fingering a solution to China's dwindling forestsZhao QuinhuaOpen Access
1987IDRC Palmwood Utilization Research Network in AsiaIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East AsiaOpen Access
1995Leg up for Tanzania's wood productsEberlee, JohnOpen Access
1983Leucaena Research in the Asian Pacific Region : proceedings of a workshop held in Singapore, 23-26 Nov. 1982IDRC; Nitrogen Fixing Tree AssociationOpen Access
1992New kind of sharing : why we can't ignore global environmental changeHall, June D.; Hanson, Arthur J.Open Access
1991Oil palm stem utilisation : review of researchForest Research Institute Malaysia; Shaari, K.; Khoo, K.C.; Abdul Razak, M.A.IDRC Only
1987Palmwood utilization : sago properties and its utilization; final reportFederation of American Societies for Experimental BiologyIDRC Only
1991Paulownia Project evaluation report, May 11-20, 1991Hoekstra, D.A.; Szott, L.; Sodjoudee, M.Open Access
1997Preservation of solid wood and wood panel products against insects and fungal attack using plant preservatives available in Tanzania : final technical reportMwingira, B.A.; Mwalongo, G.C.J.; Calve, L.IDRC Only
1982Prosopis (Sudan) : proposed phase II of Mesquite ProjectEl Houri, A.A.IDRC Only
1987Recent research on bamboos : proceedings of the International Bamboo Workshop, Oct. 6-14, 1985, Hangzhou, People's Republic of ChinaRao, A.N.; Dhanarajan, G.; Sastry, C.B.Open Access
1984RIC bulletin, vol. 1, no. 1, Sept. 1982 - vol. 3, no. 4, December 1984Forest Research Institute. Rattan Information CentreIDRC Only
1993RIC bulletin, vol. 11, no. 1, June 1992 - vol. 12, nos. 1/2, June/December 1993Forest Research Institute. Rattan Information CentreIDRC Only
1986RIC bulletin, vol. 4, no. 1, March 1985 - vol. 5, no. 4, December 1986Forest Research Institute. Rattan Information CentreIDRC Only
1989RIC bulletin, vol. 6, no. 1, March 1987 - vol. 8, no. 1/4, Mar./Dec. 1989Forest Research Institute. Rattan Information CentreIDRC Only
1991RIC bulletin, vol. 9, no. 1, June 1990 - vol. 10, no. 2, December 1991Forest Research Institute. Rattan Information CentreIDRC Only