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2006Analysis of indigenous nutritional knowledge, cultural importance and nutritional content of wild edible plantsChaker Farhat, CynthiaIDRC Only
2005Assessing the current use and significance of wild edible plants traditionally gathered in Lebanon : an ethnobotanical studyMarouf, Maysan LouayIDRC Only
1992Cassava in South America : a plant breeder's viewNassar, N.M.A.IDRC Only
1979Collection and evaluation of wild Manihot species native to Central Brazil : final reportNasser, M.A.IDRC Only
2001Comparing and contrasting different research approaches on semi and uncultivated food plants : proceedings of a workshop held in Harare, Zimbabwe, 4-6 Sept. 2001Community Technology Development Trust; Machakaire, V.Open Access
2000Cultivating the landscape : enhancing the context for plant improvementBuckles, Daniel J.; Mazhar, F.Open Access
2002Decades of cassava research bear fruitShore, K.Open Access
1990Essential oils of Hedeoma mandoniana Wedd and of Minthostachys andina (Brett) EplingMuñoz, S.; Collin, G.J.; Gagnon, M.; Soriano Ferrufino, J.IDRC Only
1992Facing serious ecological challengesGoulandris, N.IDRC Only
2005Final report : use, consumption and health and medicinal properties of six species of wild edible plants in the Northeast of LebanonJeambey, ZeinabIDRC Only
2006Improvement of nutritional and sanitary status of Senegalese consumers via promoting and processing traditional vegetable leaves and wild fruits : final reportInstitut de technologie alimentaire (ITA)IDRC Only
2004Indigenous food plants : final technical report, Apr. 2000 - Jan. 2004Kiremire, B.T.IDRC Only
2006Landscape dynamics and management of wild plant resources in shifting cultivation systems : a case study from a forest Ejido in the Maya zone of Quintana Roo, MexicoDalle, Sarah PauleIDRC Only
1987Long-term plan for environmental protection : in pursuit of a healthy and enriched relationship between human beings and the environmentJapan. Environment AgencyIDRC Only
2005Mali national projectCommunity Biodiversity Development and Conservation Network (CBDC), Unitarian Service Committee of Canada (NARS)IDRC Only
1993Mato Grosso state; the Cuiaba river in the Pantanal; groups of bushes called saranzal (sara: singular) grow along its shores / État de Mato Grosso; la rivière Cuiaba traverse le Pantanal; des arbustes appellés saranzal (sara: singulier) poussent sur les rivesMarchand, DenisOpen Access
2005Mijikenda leafy vegetables calendar 2006Morimoto, Yasuyuki; Maundu, PatrickIDRC Only
2005Non-cultivated biodiversity : a conceptual framework focusing on the definition of political strategies for CBDC in South America; the transverse line on non-cultivated and semi-domesticated biodiversityCommunity Biodiversity Development and Conservation Network (CBDC), Centro de Educación y Tecnología para el Desarrollo del Sur (CET SUR)IDRC Only
1986Preliminary draft of Chapter 9, 'Disappearing species : a major resource and development challenge'World Commission on Environment and Development; Myers, NormanOpen Access
2007Promoting peace and food security by strengthening biodiversity-based livelihoods : report for the period 01/01/2004 to 31/12/2006Khedkar, RajeevIDRC Only