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1987Alternative aquariums or aquarium alternatives : questions of ethics, education, and developmentButler, M.IDRC Only
1994Animals of Palestine [Arabic language]Evangelical Lutheran ChurchIDRC Only
2007Biodiversity : journal of life on earth, volume 8, number 4, 2007; wild cats, South Asia; IUCN, red list update; dragon fruit, exotic delicacyTropical Conservancy; Aitken, StephenIDRC Only
1986Brief concerning involvement in the environment and development issues in the Pribilof IslandsFlying Tomato Productions; Swibold, Susanne M.IDRC Only
1998Cahuita; white beach national park protects local wildlife and their habitat; a monkey looking for food / Cahuita; le parc national de plage au sable blanc protège les animaux sauvages ainsi que leur habitat; un singe cherche de la nourritureBuckles, DanielOpen Access
2007Can tourism be a vehicle for conservation? : an investigation from the mangrove forests of the Indian SundarbansGuha, lndrila; Ghosh, Santadas; Bellamy, RufusOpen Access
2008Capacity development for local participation in community based natural resource management of Namibia : the #Khoadi //Hôas conservancy experienceTaye, MeseretIDRC Only
1986Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous ResourcesZimbabwe. Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management, Branch of Terrestrial Ecology; Martin, R.B.IDRC Only
2007ECAPAPA policy briefsNyamwaro, Sospeter; Murilla, Grace; Mochabo, Kennedy; Wanjala, Kennedy; Wickama, Juma; Eastern and Central Africa Programme for Agricultural Policy Analysis (ECAPAPA)IDRC Only
2007Effective natural resource management for conflict prevention : tethering plural legal norms in diverse contexts in Eastern AfricaKameri-Mbote, Patricia; Musaasizi, Joel; Waithaka, MichaelIDRC Only
1987Environmental issues and the role of journalismYomiuri Shimbun; Foundation for Earth EnvironmentIDRC Only
2008Evaluation of management strategies of recreational use of mangrove forest in MexicoSanjurjo Rivera, EnriqueOpen Access
2005Exclusion through defined membership in people-centered natural resources management : who defines?Mosimane, Alfons Wabahe; Aribeb, Karl Mutani; University of the Western Cape, Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies; University of Zimbabwe, Centre for Applied Social SciencesIDRC Only
1992Facing serious ecological challengesGoulandris, N.IDRC Only
2005Final report : Eviction of pastoralists from Mkomazi Game Reserve in North Eastern Tanzania; analysis of new conflicts and impact on the affected communitiesWickama, Juma; Ngailo, Jerry; Masuki, Kenneth; Mkalimoto, DaimaIDRC Only
1990Fishermen of PenangMétavidea Associates; Radio-Québec; Vision TV; Puchniak, T.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Cornellier, R.IDRC Only
1986Future course of action for the CommissionersNorth Toronto Collegiate InstituteIDRC Only
1999Israel / West Bank; indigenous deer near Dead Sea; protecting the ecosystem / Israel / Cisjordanie; un chevreuil indigène près de la mer Morte; protection de l'écosystèmeBennett, PeterOpen Access
1987Long-term plan for environmental protection : in pursuit of a healthy and enriched relationship between human beings and the environmentJapan. Environment AgencyIDRC Only
2005Management of conservation based conflicts in South Western UgandaMusaasiza, Joel; Andama, Edward; Ruta, Doreen; Byamukama, BiryahwahoIDRC Only