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2003Accelerating the establishment of national scale flour fortification project : final progress report; end of phase one, period ending 31 March 2003-IDRC Only
2006Addressing the social causes of illnessDale, StephenOpen Access
1980Blindness in the developing world : a background paperHelen Keller InternationalIDRC Only
-Bridge newsletterAssociation for Health Services Research; WHO. Health Systems Research and Development ProgramIDRC Only
2006Canada's International Development Research Centre's eco-health projects with Latin Americans : origins, development and challengesCole, Donald C.; Crissman, Charles C.; Orozco T., A. FadyaIDRC Only
2008Challenging inequity through health systems : key conclusions and recommendationsWorld Health Organization Commission on the Social Determinants of Health. Health Systems Knowledge Network; Centre for Health Policy; EQUINET; London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineIDRC Only
2004CIDA / GFATM discussion note : drug resistance and anti-retroviral therapy-IDRC Only
2004CIDA / GFATM discussion note : equity issues and the provision of ART-IDRC Only
2005Conservation of indigenous medicinal plants and associated knowledge : a case study from the Emberá community of Ipeti, and the Kuna community of Ukupseni, PanamaLitovsky, M.IDRC Only
2005Effect of social customs and fasting on pregnant women, and the relationship to under - nutritionHalo Medical Foundation; Ghadge, VanitaIDRC Only
2006Escape from a toxic "Catch-22"Orozco, FadyaOpen Access
1993Future Partnership for the Acceleration of Health Development : report of a conference, 18-20 Oct. 1993, Ottawa, CanadaIDRC; WHO; World BankOpen Access
2005Global health action 2005 - 2006Whyte, Alison; McCoy, David; Rowson, MikeIDRC Only
2005Global health watch 2005 - 2006 : an alternative world health reportMedactIDRC Only
2001Health development program : vitamin A programming for children; progress report (Mongolia)UNICEFIDRC Only
1991Historical development and evolution of the INTOX projectIPCS; ILO; WHO; UNEPIDRC Only
2007HIV / AIDS researcher comes to IDRC : the International Development and Research Centre is the latest world stop in Aku Kwamie's development work; Sandra Oey reportsOey, SandraIDRC Only
2005How HIV / AIDS interacts with food and nutrition security : an overview to volume 1Gillespie, S.IDRC Only
1993Interim final report / Environmental Health Regional Information Network (CEHANET) phase II covering the period 1 April 1991 to 1 March 1993WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean. Centre for Environmental Health Activities (CEHA)IDRC Only
2004Internship paper : final report (Alicen Chow)Chow, A.Open Access