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1999Canadian journal of development studies, v. 20, no. 1, 1999Canadian Association for the Study of International Development; University of Ottawa; Rempel, Henry; Lévy, Brigitte; Medhora, Rohinton; Dung VuongIDRC Only
1989Case study of some economic characteristics of small scale manufacturing enterprisesKaytaz, M.; Evcimen, G.; Cinar, E.M.IDRC Only
1972Changes in the level of employment and income among agricultural labourers as a result of the adoption of high yielding varieties of paddy, Shimoga district, Mysore State, IndiaKrishna Murthy, A.N.IDRC Only
1985Choice of technique in cotton textiles and its impact on employment in BangladeshIslam, Mohammed ReazulIDRC Only
2003Decomposition of growth of the real wage rate for South African manufacturing by size class : 1972 - 1996Mazumdar, Dipak; Seventer, Dirk vanOpen Access
2008Does foreign direct investment advance growth and income convergence across countries? : research issues and methodologySchmidt, RodneyIDRC Only
2009Does foreign direct investment lead or follow development? : differences in FDI behavior in low- and middle-income countries; final technical report-IDRC Only
2009Does foreign direct investment lead or follow development? : differences in foreign direct investment (FDI) behaviour in low and middle-income countries; final technical report covering the period from 10 March 2006 to 9 January 2009Centre for Analysis and Forecasting (CAF)IDRC Only
2009FDI and wages : evidence from a firm survey of FDI in Viet Nam; research reportThanh Huong, Hoang; Thang, NguyenIDRC Only
2009FDI survey 2007 : a note on the sampling design; research reportTrung, Le DangIDRC Only
2006Flexibility, employment and labour market reforms in IndiaSharma, Alakh N.IDRC Only
2009Foreign direct investment in Vietnam : motivation, determinants of spatial distribution and impacts; synthesis reportThang, Nguyen; Xuan Quyen, HoangIDRC Only
1985Handicrafts industry in Nepal's national development : problems and prospectsTribhuvan University; Upadhyay, K.D.; Sharma, S.P.IDRC Only
Jan-1990Impact of the Mariel Boatlift on the Miami labor marketCard, DavidIDRC Only
1978Income inequality among nonfarm households in TaiwanCouncil for Asian Manpower Studies; Barros, B.IDRC Only
11-Sep-2010Income inequality in India : pre- and post-reform periodsSarkar, Sandip; Mehta, Balwant SinghOpen Access
1971Labor absorption in Taiwan, 1954-1971Kuo, S.W.Y.IDRC Only
2004Measuring the value of life and limb : estimating compensating wage differentials among workers in Chennai and MumbaiSouth Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics; Madheswaran, S.Open Access
2002Privatization and enterprise wage structures during transition : evidence from rural industry in ChinaHo, S.P.S.; Dong, X. Y.; Bowles, P.; MacPhail, F.IDRC Only
2005Profile of M/SMEs in Egypt : update reportEnvironmental Quality InternationalIDRC Only