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1980African pay structures in a transnational context : the British connectionInstitute of Development Studies; Bennell, P.; Godfrey, M.IDRC Only
2012Back then, you'll eat, you'll drink, and you'll be full. There was enough and there were Leftovers : women's changing experiences of urban food security in Ibadan, NigeriaAdeniyi Ogunyankin, Grace; Chinedu Omenka, SamuelIDRC Only
28-May-2014Effect of minimum wage regulation on wage growth and its distribution in ChinaShi Li; Haiyuan WanIDRC Only
-Estimating the effect of minimum wage on firm profitability in ChinaDeng QuhengIDRC Only
15-Feb-2014Evolution and effects assessment of China's minimum wage policySu Hainan; Wang XiaIDRC Only
1979Factors affecting public sector salaries policies in the SudanSuliman, A.A.IDRC Only
1980Factors affecting public sector salaries policy in an open economy : NigeriaUniversity of Lagos; Fajana, O.; Aderinto, A.IDRC Only
1980Factors affecting public sector salaries policy in Egypt (summary)Mongi, M.A.F.; Abdin, R.IDRC Only
1979Factors affecting public sector salaries policy in Egypt, with particular reference to the international market in professional and managerial skillsInstitute of National PlanningIDRC Only
1980Factors affecting public sector salaries policy in Kenya : Kenya team's final country report on Public Sector Salaries Policy in Africa and the Near East ProjectAseto, O.; Ateng, B.A.; Migot-Adhola, S.IDRC Only
1985Final report / Macroeconomics and Balance of Payments (phase II)Corporación de Investigaciones Económicas para LatinoaméricaIDRC Only
1981Government spending in Chile 1969-1979Corporación de Investigaciones Económicas para Latinoamérica; Marshall, JorgeIDRC Only
1980IDRC Economics Department report on factors affecting public sector salary policies in TanzaniaLyakurwa, W.M.; Wagao, J.H.IDRC Only
2015Impact of minimum wage on gender wage gaps in urban ChinaShi Li; Xinxin MaOpen Access
-Impact of minimum wages on migrant workers’ wagesYang, Juan; Gunderson, Morley; Shi LiIDRC Only
1990Macroeconomic research-Brazil, phase IV : final technical and financial reports, September 1988-December 1990Werneck, RogérioIDRC Only
2004Measuring the value of life and limb : estimating compensating wage differentials among workers in Chennai and MumbaiSouth Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics; Madheswaran, S.Open Access
2015Minimum wage effects on employment and working time of Chinese workers - evidence based on CHNSWenkai Sun; Xianghong Wang; Xiaoxi ZhangOpen Access
25-Jun-2015Minimum wage policy in Brazil and India and its impact on labour market inequality : project paper F.1Cacciamali, Maria Cristina; Chakrabarty, Taniya; Rodgers, Gerry; Tatei, FabioOpen Access
1996Minimum wages in Latin America : the controversy about their likely economic effectsUniversity of Toronto, Centre for International Studies; Canadian Foundation for the Americas; Riveros, L.A.Open Access