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1980African pay structures in a transnational context : the British connectionInstitute of Development Studies; Bennell, P.; Godfrey, M.IDRC Only
2001Dimensions of effectiveness of employment in India : an exploration based on a household surveyPradhan, B.K.; Chaubey, P.K.; Roy, P.K.; Saluja, M.R.Open Access
1978Economic livelihood of the aged : a case study in a village in Yogyakarta Special Territory, IndonesiaSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Sunarto H.Open Access
1988Economy and society of Aouderas, a community of the Saharan Air Massif (Niger)Brusberg, F.E.IDRC Only
1979Education and the urban labor market in Colombia : a comparison between modern and non-modern sectorsPrograma de Estudios Conjuntos para la Integración Económica Latinoamericana; Kugler, B.; Reyes, A.; de Gómez, M.I.IDRC Only
1980Factors affecting public sector salaries policy in Kenya : Kenya team's final country report on Public Sector Salaries Policy in Africa and the Near East ProjectAseto, O.; Ateng, B.A.; Migot-Adhola, S.IDRC Only
1993Impact of women in development projects on women's status and fertility in BangladeshKabir, M.; Khatun, R.; Ahmed, I.IDRC Only
2001Interlinkages of years of schooling, health status and earnings : evidence from Indian householdsMathur, A.; Pradhan, B.K.; Tripathy, K.K.; Singh, S.K.Open Access
1980Labor market-IDRC Only
1984Low income households in IndonesiaSigit, H.IDRC Only
2009Measuring and operationalizing job quality in EgyptAssaad, Ragui; Roushdy, Rania; Rashed, AliIDRC Only
1980Population, education and societal restructuring in MalaysiaSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Lee, Kiong HockOpen Access
1979Public sector salaries policy in Africa and the Near East : the UK connectionBennell, P.; Godfrey, M.IDRC Only
1982Regional inequality in family income attainment in nonmunicipal communities of ThailandChaiwat RoongruangseeIDRC Only
1981Time allocation and fertility behavior of married women in fishing communities of Iloilo, PhilippinesSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Ardales, V.B.IDRC Only
1982Uncertainty and allocative behaviour in peasant agriculture : a study of small-holding farmers in BangladeshShahabuddin, Q.Open Access
1979Women workers in Ghana, Kenya, Zambia : a comparative analysis of women's employment in the modern wage sectorAfrican Training and Research Centre for Women; Akerele, O.IDRC Only