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2004Attachment special case study institutional change and innovation in (Bio) pharmaceuticals : the case of NVRIAbiola, Boladale OluyomiIDRC Only
May-1985Biotechnology : opportunities and constraintsIDRCOpen Access
Jan-1986Biotechnology : opportunities and constraintsIDRCOpen Access
1986Biotechnology re-arms an old vaccineFleury, J.M.Open Access
2009Canada-Africa prevention trials (CAPT) network : final technical report to GHRIKatongole-Mbidde, Edward; Schlech, Walter F.; Schechter, Martin T.IDRC Only
1972Canadian vaccine to be tested in UgandaGlobe and Mail (Firm)IDRC Only
1992Commission of yellow fever vaccine building at Yaba-IDRC Only
1992Critical path towards the transfer of the anti-conceptive vaccine technologyWerker, D.IDRC Only
2014Developing vaccines for animals, the case of Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) in AfricaWesonga, Hezron O.IDRC Only
Mar-2014Empowering women to tackle cattle lung diseaseNdanyi, Romona; Waithanji, Elizabeth; Kairu-Wanyoike, Salome; Wangari, Virginia; Wesonga, HezronIDRC Only
1988Field trial of one vs. three dose HBV immunization among Filipino children : annual progress report (July 9, 1987 – July 8, 1988)-IDRC Only
1989Fifth International Conference on AIDS : the Scientific and Social Challenge; specialty session; molecular biology, part 1Looney, David J.; Sodroski, Joseph G.; Navia, Manuel A.; Myers, Gerald; Hayami, Masanori; Eichberg, Jorg W.IDRC Only
1989Fifth International Conference on AIDS : the Scientific and Social Challenge; symposium; clinical trials; the "actors" perspectiveRonald, Allan R.; Cooper, Ellen C.; Petricciani, John C.; Leblanc, Claude; Hoth, Daniel; Levine, Robert J.IDRC Only
1989Fifth International Conference on AIDS : the Scientific and Social Challenge; symposium; vaccine developments in AIDSGirard, Marc; Putney, Scott; Zagury, Daniel; Lane, CliffordIDRC Only
1986Final report / Anticonceptive Technology - ICCR (India) phase IIIInternational Committee for Contraception ResearchIDRC Only
1989Final report / Anticonceptive Technology - NII/ICCR (India) Phase IVNational Institute of Immunology; International Committee for Contraception ResearchIDRC Only
1983Final report / Research and Development of a Time Temperature Indicator for Measles Vaccines : Phase IIProgram for Appropriate Technology in HealthIDRC Only
Mar-2014Five diseases, one vaccine - a boost for emerging livestock farmers in South AfricaWallace, David B.; Mather, Arshad; Chetty, Thireshni; Goga, Safiyya; Babiuk, ShawnIDRC Only
1982Hepatitis B : new hope in the struggleIDRC; Mbodj, M.Open Access
1992High - dose Zagreb vaccine at six months vs. standard dose Schwarz at nine months : a randomized placebo - controlled trialUniversity of the Philippines at Manila, Clinical Epidemiology Unit; Research Institute for Tropical Medicine; Tan-Torres, T.L.; Mantaring, J.; Amarillo, L.; Paladin, F.IDRC Only