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2004Alternative institutional arrangements for boundary waters management in the Middle East : final narrative report-Open Access
1987Annual report / Third Year, Third Period for Application Researches, 1986-1987Syria. Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian ReformIDRC Only
1987Annual report / Third Year, Third Period for Application Researches, 1986-1987 : [Arabic version]Syria. Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian ReformIDRC Only
1985Annual report on the applied research for fourth year from second stage 1983-1984Syria. Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian ReformIDRC Only
2006Assessing the benefits and costs of participatory and conventional barley breeding programs in SyriaMustafa, Yasmin; Grando, Stefania; Ceccarelli, SalvatoreIDRC Only
2001Community level impacts of policy, technology and institutional options in low rainfall areas of Morocco, Syria and Tunisia : final report, Oct. 1998 - Mar. 2001International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry AreasOpen Access
1977Comparative study of socio-economic variables and family size in the Middle East regionKandis, Afaf DeebIDRC Only
1992Directory of current Syrian agricultural research : derived from CARISNational Center for Agricultural Information and DocumentationIDRC Only
1993Evaluation report of Syrian networking experimentation and information system development project (88-0187) : mission to Damascus and Cairo, 13-24 May 1993Ben Sassi, MohamedIDRC Only
2009Executive summaries of national case studies : Egypt, Jordan, Syria, TunisiaHadad, Amira; Khory, Riad; Laham, Foad; Quarafy, NagibIDRC Only
2001Farmer participation in barley breeding in Syria, Morocco and TunisiaCeccarelli, S.; Grando, S.; Bailey, E.; Amri, A.; El-Felah, M.IDRC Only
1988Final report / Lentil Mechanization (ICARDA)International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry AreasIDRC Only
1992Final report, period from 01/06/1991 to 30/11/1991 / Project of Syrian Networking Experimentation and Information System Development / AccessScientific Studies and Research Centre; Kallas, M.IDRC Only
2010GEM Syria report 2009Haddad, Majd; Ismail, Ramia; Al Habash, LeenIDRC Only
2010Gendered migration and agriculture in the dry areas : implications for resource management and livelihoods in SyriaMartini, MalikaIDRC Only
2004Influence of IDRC-supported research on water demand management in Syria : case study of policy influence in the supplemental irrigation with brackish water projectGillespie, BryonOpen Access
2003Institutions for transboundary rivers : the Akkar watershed in Syria and Lebanon; final technical reportThomas, R.; Khawlie, M.; Kawass, I.; Cadham, J.S.Open Access
2006International Development Research Centre in Syria [Arabic language]IDRCOpen Access
1992Report on National Training Course on CEHANET Procedures, Damascus, 11 to 16 Apr. 1992Al-Shorbaji, N.IDRC Only
1980Report on the IDRC Pasture Legume Program at ICARDASomaroo, B.H.IDRC Only