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May-2012Adaptation to the impacts of sea level rise in the Nile Delta coastal zone, Egypt : final project reportMGC signed post January 2008 - copyright statement required on document; Abdrabo, M.A.Open Access
2009Building capacity for dialogue, deliberation and public engagement in Latin America Caribbean : final report and assessmentElliott, JaniceIDRC Only
Jul-2013Changing selves, changing societies : women, gender and ICT in Africa and the Middle EastBuskens, Ineke; Webb, AnneOpen Access
2011Desarrollo rural y recursos naturalesEscobal, Javier; Ponce, Carmen; Damonte, Gerardo; Glave, ManuelIDRC Only
2014Déchets électroniques et informatiques en Afrique : défis et opportunités pour un développement durable au Bénin, au Mali et au SénégalDiop, Cheikh; Thioune, Ramata MoloOpen Access
1993Effectiveness of maternal and child health programmes : a critical re-assessment of the demand and use of antenatal care services and its implications for policy and planning of community-based strategies for mother and child survival programmes in BotswanaOwuor-Omondi, LucasIDRC Only
31-Mar-2014Final interim technical report / Enhancing Institutional Capacity Towards Promoting a Growth Agenda for Jamaica (October 1, 2012 – March 31, 2014)King, DamienIDRC Only
2011From Global Crises to Equality: Feminist thinkers explore public policy alternativesJain, Devaki; Elson, DianeIDRC Only
2011Harvesting Feminist Knowledge to Influence Public Policy : final technical report, April 2009 – November 2010Jain, Devaki; Bloomer, PerceOpen Access
2012An Institutional Account of China's HIV/AIDS Policy Process from 1985 to 2010Knusten, W-
2009Knowledge to policy : making the most of development researchCarden, FredOpen Access
2011Knowledge to policy : making the most of development research [Arabic version]Carden, FredOpen Access
2009Knowledge to policy : making the most of development research [Mandarin version]Carden, FredOpen Access
Jan-2014Levers for change : philanthropy in select South East Asian countriesUpadhyay Anand, Prapti; Hayling, CrystalIDRC Only
2014Levers for change : philanthropy in select South East Asian countries; final technical report (July, 2013 - January, 2014)Upadhyay Anand, Prapti; Binte Mohamed Kadir, Mumtaz; Hayling, CrystalOpen Access
2009National innovation system in the era of liberalization : implications for science and technology policy for developing economiesSingh, Lakhwinder; Singh, BaldevOpen Access
2012Rural Territories in Motion - Rural Territorial Dynamics Program:Final Report 2007-2012RIMISP - Latin American Center for Rural Development; Castaneda, AlejandraIDRC Only
2011Salud, interculturalidad y comportamientos de riesgoAlcázar, Lorena; Marini, Alessandra; Walker, Ian; Valdivia, Martín; Cueto, Santiago; Saldarriaga, Víctor; Muñoz, Ismael G.IDRC Only
2012Scaling up rural local innovations in the Andes : supporting innovators and entrepreneursPEIR; Paz, AlvaroOpen Access
2011Scholars, Practitioners, and Inter-American Affairs: Report on an international workshop held at the Center for International Studies University of Southern CaliforniaBertucci, Mariano; Borges-Herrero, Fabián; Fuentes-Julio, Claudia; Tockman, JasonIDRC Only