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2001Agenda : Perú; charting a shared national vision for the futureEberlee, J.Open Access
1975Aid policies as a reflection of Canadian domestic concerns : from Colombo to CIDAArmstrong, G.IDRC Only
2010Analysis of media reportage of GMOs : a briefing paperSahai, SumanIDRC Only
1975As others see us : views on Red CrossJoint Committee for the Re-appraisal of the Role of the Red Cross; Magat, R.IDRC Only
1982Attitudes of people in Bangkok towards abortionSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Suda BhiromkaewOpen Access
1992Civil military relations in a restored democracy : the Argentine case; a summary of findingsFontana, AndrésIDRC Only
1992Communication research in Africa : issues and perspectivesAfrican Council on Communication Education; Kwame Boafo, S.T.; George, N.A.IDRC Only
2007Dyke dilemma : a cost-benefit analysis from VietnamIDRC Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia. EEPSEAOpen Access
Dec-2006Evaluation of the Implementation of smoke free regulations in public places in Cairo : final progress reportAboul fotouh, Aisha; Mahmoud Eltahlawy, EmanIDRC Only
1989Executive summary of research undertaken for the International Development Research CentreDecima ResearchIDRC Only
1991Financing urban services : a critical assessment of local government ability and the potentials of private sector involvement in urban management in Nigeria; a research reportOnibokun, A.G.; Kumuyi, J.A.; Olaore, G.O.; Bello-Imam, I.B.; Agbola, T.IDRC Only
1959Flow of United States investment funds into Canada since World War II.Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1994Fundamentalism in NigerMétavidea Associates; Radio-Québec; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.IDRC Only
2006Funding solid waste disposal : a study from the PhilippinesIDRC Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia. EEPSEAOpen Access
2008Impacts of coal mining on the economy and environment of South Kalimantan Province, IndonesiaFatah, LuthfiOpen Access
2007Impacts of dykes on wetland values in Vietnam's Mekong River delta : a case study in the Plain of ReedsThang Nam DoOpen Access
1985Industry and sustainable development : a long-term perspective for action; the year 2000 and beyondHuisingh, Donald; Huisingh, Jo Rodgers; Hyfantis, GeorgeIDRC Only
1985Information strategy of the CommissionWorld Commission on Environment and DevelopmentOpen Access
2009Janus-faced relation of religious actors and human security : Islamic and secular values in Turkey; paper presented in the Luce Symposium on Religion and Human Security, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, May 6-8, 2009Somer, MuratIDRC Only
2007Journal of peacebuilding and development, volume 3, number 2, 2007Center for Global Peace; South-North Centre for Peacebuilding and Development; Abu-Nimer, Mohammed; McCandless, ErinIDRC Only