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2007Celebrate diversity in Pacific Island indigenous food : 2nd International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples; posterCentre for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment (CINE), McGill UniversityIDRC Only
1995Information Network on New and Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies for Asia and the Pacific (INNERTAP) : IDRC - supported information activities - phase II; third and final report-IDRC Only
1994Media Asia : an Asian mass communication quarterly, volume 21, number 4, 1994; television landscape of the Asia-PacificAsian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre; Menon, Vijay; Sankaran, GitaIDRC Only
1985Mobility and identity in the Island PacificInternational Geographical Union, Commission on Population Geography; East West Center; Chapman, M.; Morrison, P.S.IDRC Only
1998Our knowledge, our rights : traditional knowledge and Pacific peoples; 15th Annual Pacific Networking Conference, proceedingsSouth Pacific Peoples Foundation of Canada; Argue, M.IDRC Only
1992Preliminary bibliography on traditional science and technology in the Pacific islands : partly annotatedUniversity of the South Pacific, Pacific Information Centre; Eade, ElizabethIDRC Only
2005Ratification of the FCTC and its impact on the Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA)Stanton, HarleyIDRC Only
1989Soil management and smallholder development in the Pacific Islands : PacificlandInternational Board for Soil Research and Management; Pushparajah, E.; Elliott, C.R.IDRC Only
2005Tobacco control and alcohol in the Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement : impacts on population health; a report commissioned by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community for use by governments and administrations in the PacificAllen, Matthew; Price, Liz; Fieldsend, Andrew; Liberman, Jonathan; Driskell, Stefanie; Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Public Health Program; Allen & Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists; VicHealth Centre for Tobacco ControlIDRC Only
Nov-2013Trade policy and obesity prevention : challenges and innovation in the Pacific IslandsSnowdon, W.; Thow, A.M.Open Access