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2011Assessment of nutritional status in Indian preschool children using WHO 2006 Growth StandardsRamachandran, Prema; Gopalan, Hema S.IDRC Only
2005Child labour, gender inequality and rural/urban disparities : how can Ethiopia's national development strategies be revised to address negative spill-over impacts on child education and wellbeing?Woldehanna, Tassew; Jones, Nicola; Tefera, Bekele; Bayrau, AlebelIDRC Only
24-Jun-2011Comparison of health between consumers and non-consumers of traditional leafy vegetablesMatenge, S T P; Kruger, A; Merwe, D. Van de; De Beer, HIDRC Only
22-Jun-2011Current Nutrition and Health Situation in KituiMatheka, JIDRC Only
1992Expenditure, food consumption patterns and nutritional status of tenants in Mwea-Tebere irrigation scheme - KenyaNgolo, Mwadime Robert K.IDRC Only
2013Food security - a must for the region : the CIFSRF CARICOM projectCARICOM SecretariatIDRC Only
Dec-2013Food security and nutritional status in fishing communities in Bolivia's Northern Amazon : results of a household surveyBaker-French, Sophia R.IDRC Only
1995Impact of agricultural development on the health and nutritional status of children aged 0-10 years in a rural setting in southern NigeriaJinadu, Musa K.; Oni, S.A.; Ajuwon, BadeIDRC Only
Oct-1994Investigation into the neurological and neurobehavioural effects of long-term agrichemical exposure among deciduous fruit farm workers in the Western Cape, South AfricaLondon, Leslie; Department of Community Health, University of Cape TownIDRC Only
2011Is a Peruvian mother's new pregnancy associated with changes in the dietary intakes of her breastfeeding child?Verney, Allison; School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, McGill UniversityOpen Access
1996Maternal occupation and the nutritional status of mothers and children under the age of five years in Msambweni location, Kwale district - KenyaCherop, SusanIDRC Only
Aug-2014Nutritional situation of rural communities in Nariño, Colombia 2013Del Castillo Matamoros, Sara Eloísa; Mosquera Vásquez, Teresa; Suárez Higuera, Eliana Lorena; Heredia Vargas, PatriciaOpen Access
2012Nutritional status of women and its Influence on Agro-ecosystems in Rural Areas of TanzaniaKinabo, Joyce; Mamiro, Peter; Martin, HaikaelIDRC Only
2007Nutritional status, body composition and health conditions of the Karen hill tribe children aged 1-6 years in Northern ThailandTienboon, Prasong; Wangpakapattanawong, PrasitIDRC Only
7-Jan-2015Poor thiamin and riboflavin status is common among women of childbearing age in rural and urban CambodiaWhitfield, Kyly C.; Karakochuk, Crystal D.; Liu, Yazheng; McCann, Adrian; Talukder, AminuzzamanIDRC Only
2007Relationships among production systems, preschool nutritional status, and pesticide-related toxicity in seven Ecuadorian communities : a multi-case study approachOrozco, Fadya; Cole, Donald C.; Muñoz, Verónica; Altamirano, Ana; Wanigaratne, SusithaIDRC Only
2010Reliability of anthropometric measures in a longitudinal cohort of patients initiating ART in West AfricaSicotte, Maryline; Ledoux, Marielle; Zunzunegui, Maria-Victoria; Aboubacrine, Souleymane Ag; Nguyen, Vinh-KimOpen Access
2014School feeding in St Kitts and Nevis and Trinidad and Tobago : ANNEX 4; final technical report (2011 - 2014)Gray-Donald, Katherine; Francis-Granderson, Isabella; Johnson-Down, Louise; Webb, Marquitta; Carvalho, Raffaella; Phillip, Leroy E.IDRC Only
Sep-2009Sensitive index to assess risk of morbidity in under-nutrition : final reportNutrition Foundation of IndiaOpen Access
2005Tackling child malnutrition in Ethiopia : do the sustainable development poverty reduction programme's underlying policy assumptions reflect local realities?Mekonnen, Alemu; Jones, Nicola; Tefera, BekeleIDRC Only