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1981All - purpose nurseIDRC; Hibler, M.Open Access
1991Assessment of the performance of the Indonesian health nurse (Perawat Kesehatan or PK), batch 1979-1986Indonesia. Departemen Kesehatan, Centre for Education of Health ManpowerIDRC Only
Feb-2009Building capacity for nurse-led researchEdwards, N; Webber, J; Mill, J; Kahwa, E; Roelofs, S-
Jan-2015Community engagement for quality care : a health workers training manualMarshall, Anita; Mayers, PatOpen Access
1993Community participation, primary health care and the nurse in BotswanaShamian, J.; Kupe, S.S.; Solway, J.; Zakus, D.Open Access
1989Consultation report on the "assessment of performance of PK" at the Centre for Health Manpower Education, Indonesia, Mar. 20-25, 1989National Institute of Health Research and Development; Oh, KasilIDRC Only
2005Educational outreach to nurses improves tuberculosis case detection and primary care of respiratory illness : a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trialFairall, Lara; Zwarenstein, Merrick; Bateman, Eric; Bachmann, Max; Lombard, CarlIDRC Only
4-Jul-2012ENACQKT-ing : Caribbean nurses enhancing care, quality and knowledge through technology; final technical reportPetrucka, Pammla M.Open Access
1978Evaluating Asia's nursing needsMacIntyre, R.Open Access
1981Evaluative study of the Community Health Nursing Service under the Early Discharge Program of the Wonju Christian Hospital, Yonsei UniversityYonsei University; Chun, San Cho; Kim, Mo Im; Storey, M.; Cho, Won Jung; Kim, EuisookIDRC Only
2006Fighting AIDS with ingenuityZarowksy, Christina; Goar, CarolIDRC Only
1993First International Conference on Community Health Nursing Research, Sept. 26-29, 1993Yoda, Yalida; Gott, Marjorie; Kupe, Serara; Kim, Mo-Im; Salmon, MarlaIDRC Only
2006Grass is always greener : exploring trends in Hungary's inflow and outflow of nurses-IDRC Only
1991Hasil pengkajian penampilan kerja Perawat Kesehatan lulusan tahun akademik 1979 - 1986Indonesia. Departemen Kesehatan, Centre for Education of Health ManpowerIDRC Only
2007International migration of nurses : a special issueHealth Research and Educational Trust; Aiken, Linda H.; Pittman, Patricia; Buchan, JamesIDRC Only
2006International nurse recruitment in IndiaKhadria, BinodIDRC Only
2005International recruitment of nurses : Nigerian case studyDare, O.O.; Ikenyei, U.; Obaseki, P.; Afolabi, C.; Jemilugba, M.IDRC Only
2011Intersection of National Policies on Nurses' Work in District Health Care Systems in KenyaEdwards, Nancy; Juma, Pamela; University of Ottawa Faculty of Health Sciences School of NursingOpen Access
1991Issues in nursing pgm. 6 : international nursing; who benefits?Alberta Educational Communications Corporation; Baynton, M.; Nursall, J.; Rankin, K.; Pal, J.IDRC Only
2006Managed migration : the Caribbean approach to addressing nursing services capacitySalmon, Marla E.; Yan, Jean; Hewitt, Hermi; Guisinger, VictoriaIDRC Only