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1973Atomic energy in Argentina: a case historySabato, J.A.IDRC Only
1975Canada answers her nuclear criticsSpurgeon, D.IDRC Only
1974Canada's reply to Indian nuclear explosion.Spurgeon, D.IDRC Only
1991Danish energyIDRC; Open University; British Broadcasting Corporation; Watson, N.; Berry, J.IDRC Only
1986Effect of the lack of accountability of international aid institutions on the Third World's environmentEnergy Probe; Adams, Patricia; Solomon, LawrenceIDRC Only
1990ElectricityEnergy Research Group; Munasinghe, M.; Brooks, David B.; Tabors, R.D.; Scott, W.G.; Shah, K.R.IDRC Only
1986Environmental protection measures for Hungary's Paks nuclear power plantGyimesi, Z.IDRC Only
1977France : debating nuclear power.Dorozynski, A.IDRC Only
1972Government, utilities, industry and universities : partners for nuclear development in Canada and abroadHurst, D.G.; Woolston, J.E.IDRC Only
Aug-1988Impacts of great energy projects in Brazil : comparative study of hydroelectric and nuclear powerPinguelli Rosa, Luiz; Mielnik, OtávioOpen Access
2002Intergovernmental cooperation for mission - oriented information systems : a memoirWoolston, J.E.IDRC Only
1980Issues of civilian nuclear technology policy in developing countriesChung, Kun MoIDRC Only
1980Issues of civilian nuclear technology policy in developing countriesChung, KunMoIDRC Only
1986Life after death for nuclear power : a global survey of new developmentsEgan, Jospeh R.IDRC Only
1986Needed structural changes in both the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)International Institute of Concern for Public Health; Bertell, RosalieIDRC Only
1977No season to be jolly.Spurgeon, D.IDRC Only
1994Nuclear debate policy for a democratic South Africa : as presented by contributors to a conference in Cape Town, South Africa ... 11-13 Feb. 1994Western Cape Environmental Monitoring Group; African National CongressOpen Access
1986Nuclear industry and the environmentCanadian Nuclear Association; Rothman, Stanley; Lichter, S. RobertIDRC Only
1987Nuclear issues in the South Pacific : a bibliographyUniversity of the South PacificIDRC Only
1985Official minutes of the World Commission on Environment and Development's Second Meeting, 25-31 March, 1985, JakartaWorld Commission on Environment and DevelopmentOpen Access