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1980African pay structures in a transnational context : the British connectionInstitute of Development Studies; Bennell, P.; Godfrey, M.IDRC Only
Jul-1991Brain drain in Zambia’s learning and research institutions : extent and causesMaimbolwa-Sinyangwe, Irene M.IDRC Only
30-May-2014Canada-China human capital dialogue : final technical reportZhang, KennyOpen Access
1985Commuting and circulation characteristics in the intermediate sized city : the example of Medan, IndonesiaLeinbach, T.R.; Suwarno, B.IDRC Only
2011Development from withinAndersen, Lykke E.IDRC Only
1979Education and the urban labor market in Colombia : a comparison between modern and non-modern sectorsPrograma de Estudios Conjuntos para la Integración Económica Latinoamericana; Kugler, B.; Reyes, A.; de Gómez, M.I.IDRC Only
1980Education: returns and mobility in Salvador, BahiaLima, R.IDRC Only
1983Forestry labour, neo-liberalism and the authoritarian state : Chile, 1973-1981Diaz, H.P.IDRC Only
2006Geographic labour mobility in Sub-Saharan AfricaIDRC; Makinwa Adebusoye, PaulinaOpen Access
2002Globalisation, labour mobility and the economics of emigration : the case of South AfricaMyburgh, AndrewOpen Access
1984Implications of international movement of labour for trade and development with particular reference to BangladeshMahmood, R.A.IDRC Only
Jun-2013Inclusive growth experiences - the case of Nepal : a discussion on a paradox from conventional and holistic perspectivesMatangi Maskay, Nephil; Raj Adhikari, ShivaIDRC Only
1989Industrial mobility in Greater Istanbul (1962-1969)Guvenc, M.IDRC Only
1989Industrial mobility in Greater Istanbul (1962-1987)Guvenc, M.IDRC Only
1989Industrial mobility in Greater Istanbul (1969-1987)Guvenc, M.IDRC Only
1992Internal mobility and HIV spread in UgandaAnkrah, E.M.; Wangalwa, S.M.; Asingwiire N.; Atuhiire, A.IDRC Only
1981Labor migration from agriculture in ThailandSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Pradit CharsombutOpen Access
Nov-1996Labour flexibility and productivity in Latin America : final technical reportHorton, SueIDRC Only
1985Mobility and employment in the Southern PhilippinesCostello, M.A.; Palabrica-Costello, M.IDRC Only
1987Mobility and employment in urban Southeast Asia : examples from Indonesia and the PhilippinesCostello, M.A.; Leinbach, T.R.; Ulack, R.IDRC Only