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2013Access to justice for Indonesian women migrant domestic workers in the United Arab EmiratesIrianto, SulistyowatiOpen Access
1983African return migration : past, present, and futureGregory, J.W.; Piché, V.IDRC Only
1983Beberapa aspek tenaga kerja kontrak internasional : studi kasus di IndonesiaAdi, R.IDRC Only
2005Brain drain and capacity building in AfricaTebeje, AinalemOpen Access
2000Brain drain and capacity building in AfricaInternational Organization for Migration; IDRC; ECA; Tapsoba, S.; Kassoum, S.; Houenou, P.V.; Oni, B.; Sethi, M.Open Access
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1985Commuting and circulation characteristics in the intermediate sized city : the example of Medan, IndonesiaLeinbach, T.R.; Suwarno, B.IDRC Only
1990Conference on "the Role of Migration in African Development : Issues and Policies for the 90's"; commissioned papersUnion for African Population StudiesIDRC Only
1995Crossing boundaries : mine migrancy in a democratic South AfricaCrush, J.; James, W.; Levy, M.; Levy, J.; Jennings, G.Open Access
1999Economic growth and the return to capital in developing economiesRobertson, P.E.IDRC Only
1983Effects of international contract labourGo, Stella P.; Postrado, Leticia T.; Ramos-Jimenez, PilarIDRC Only
1983Effects of international contract labour : community studiesFrancisco, Josefa S.; Ramos-Jimenez, PilarIDRC Only
1987Employment of returned Indonesian overseas contract workersAdi, R.IDRC Only
2006Existing gaps in research on gender and migrationJamal, HasinaIDRC Only
1981Exodus of skillsIDRC; Hibler, M.Open Access
1988External labour migration from Turkey and its impactIDRC; Keyder, C.; Aksu-Koc, A.Open Access
1980Factors affecting public sector salaries policy in Egypt (summary)Mongi, M.A.F.; Abdin, R.IDRC Only
1979Factors affecting public sector salaries policy in Egypt, with particular reference to the international market in professional and managerial skillsInstitute of National PlanningIDRC Only
1983Final narrative and financial report of my research "The social and economic conditions of West Bank and Gaza Strip workers in Israel"Abu-Shokor, A.IDRC Only
1993Final report / International Rural Migration and Impact on Agriculture : a study of six communities in rural EgyptEl-Hamamsy, L.S.Open Access