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2008Border industrialization and labour mobility : a case of Burmese migrant workers in border area factoriesKusakabe, Kyoko; Pearson, RuthIDRC Only
1989Capital, the state, and the working class in Kenya : emasculation and control of the labour movement, 1937-1969Ajubu, R.IDRC Only
2006Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) labor obligations and Costa Rica initial evaluationLaat E., Bernardo van derOpen Access
2011Diágnostico de la informalidad laboral y los costos laborales en Colombia y una propuesta de política para incentivar la formalización laboralSánchez Torres, Fabio; Álvarez Vos, OrianaIDRC Only
2011Educational upgrading and returns to skills in Latin America : evidence from a supply-demand framework, 1990-2010Gasparini, Leonardo; Galiani, Sebastián; Cruces, Guillermo; Acosta, PabloIDRC Only
2012Exploring trends in labor informality in Latin America, 1990-2010Tornarolli, Leopoldo; Battistón, Diego; Gasparini, Leonardo; Gluzmann, PabloIDRC Only
May-2010Fifth IZA / World Bank Conference - Employment and DevelopmentThe World BankIDRC Only
2007IFC – IDRC – CIES Workshop : Measuring Impact of Business Simplification Programs on Enterprise Development, Lima, May 15-16, 2007Consorcio de Investigacion Economica y Social (CIES)IDRC Only
1997Impact of support of occupational health research on national development in developing countriesForget, G.IDRC Only
2008Impact of the labour law on private sector competitiveness : executive summaryAbdullah, SamirIDRC Only
2008Impact of the labour law on private sector competitiveness [Arabic language]Srouji, Fathi; Halees, Riyad; Khoury, PhilipIDRC Only
2011Labor costs, labor informality and income distribution in Colombia and Chile, 1984-2009Sánchez Torres, Fabio; Alvarez Vos, OrianaOpen Access
May-2014Legal empowerment of the working poor : final reportWomen in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO)Open Access
2007Policy contradictions and women migrant workers : a case study of Burmese women workers in Thailand's border factoriesKusakabe, Kyoko; Pearson, RuthIDRC Only
2012Scarring effects of youth unemployment and informality : evidence from Argentina and BrazilViollaz, Mariana; Ham, Andrés; Cruces, GuillermoIDRC Only
2010Searching for the balance between flexibility and workers' security (is it time to reform labour market policies?)Esguerra, Emmanuel F.; Canales, Kristine Laura S.IDRC Only
2012Work and tax evasion incentive effects of social insurance programs : evidence from an employment based benefit extensionBérgolo, Marcelo; Cruces, GuillermoIDRC Only
Dec-1991Workers and the Law in UgandaBarya, John-Jean BIDRC Only