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1986Africa development : a quarterly journal of the Council for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa, vol. 11, no. 1, Jan. - March 1986Council for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa; Bujra, Abdalla S.IDRC Only
1-Sep-2013Comparative analysis of labour market inequality in Brazil and India : concepts and methods of analysis; project paper B (annex 4)de Freitas Barbosa, Alexandre; Cacciamali, Maria Cristina; Pankaj, Ashok; Rodgers, Gerry; Soundararajan, VidhyaOpen Access
Nov-2013Does immigration promote innovation in developing countries? : evidence from Thai manufacturers (part of annex 18 of final technical report)Pholphirul, Piriya; Rukumnuaykit, PungpondIDRC Only
Oct-2011Does the data support the neo-mercantilist preoccupation with protecting manufacturing?Tower, Edward; Waite, AleciaIDRC Only
May-2010Fifth IZA / World Bank Conference - Employment and DevelopmentThe World BankIDRC Only
1990Labor, employment and agricultural development in West Asia and North AfricaInternational Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas; Tully, D.IDRC Only
Jun-2013Labour productivity and export performance : firm-level evidence from Indian manufacturing industries since 1991Deshmukh, Jayeeta; Kumar Pyne, PradyutIDRC Only
11-Oct-2015Policy debate on minimum wages : report on a Panel Discussion at the Indian Society of Labour Economics, 57th Annual Conference, Srinagar; project paper H (g)IHD/Cebrap ProjectOpen Access
2005Trade and labor standards : a trade economist's viewPanagariya, ArvindOpen Access
-Understanding formal and informal economy labour market dynamics : a conceptual and statistical review with reference to South AfricaSkinner, CarolineIDRC Only