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2004Address at the Fifteenth Anniversary Symposium of the Japan Society for International Development, Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 26, 2004O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
1979Agribusiness management for developing countries : Southeast Asian corn system and American and Japanese trends affecting itHarvard University; Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Goldberg, R.A.; McGinity, R.C.IDRC Only
1989Aquaculture in JapanDavy, F.B.IDRC Only
Nov-2012Asia brief 2040Paitoonpong, SrawoothIDRC Only
1974Asia looks anxiously to China and JapanPraagh, D. vanOpen Access
1976Australia, Japan, and Western Pacific economic relations; report to the governments of Australia and JapanAustralia. Dept. of Foreign Affairs; Crawford, J.G.; Okita, S.IDRC Only
1977Bio-gas systems in AsiaManagement Development Institute; Subramanian, S.K.IDRC Only
1990BioenergyEnergy Research Group; Lamptey, J.; Moo-Young, M.; Sullivan, H.F.; Ng'eny-Mengech, A.; Brown, N.L.IDRC Only
2005Canadian journal of Latin American and Caribbean studies, vol. 30, no. 59, 2005Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies; Armony, Victor; Alain, Béatrice; Patroni, VivianaIDRC Only
1976Change in Asia as era's end offers hope through realismPraagh, D. vanIDRC Only
2010Changing shape of the care diamond : the case of child and elderly care in JapanAbe, Aya K.IDRC Only
1985Crimes contre l'environnementCanada. Law Reform Commission; Canada. Commission de reforme du droit; Swaigen, John; Bunt, Gail; Schrecker, T.F.; Hatherly, M.E.; Mitchell, H.IDRC Only
1978Development of local foundry industry (technology development)Yeungnam University; Lee, Ki SulIDRC Only
1978Development of small medium casting industry (technology development) [Korean language]Yeungnam University; Lee, Ki SulIDRC Only
1995Economia, capital & trabalho : special issue on labor productivity and flexibilityAmadeo, Edward J.IDRC Only
1981Economic, demographic and distribution transitions in postwar Taiwan : labor intensive growthOshima, H.T.IDRC Only
1974Economics of the family; marriage, children and human capital; a conference report.National Bureau of Economic Research; Population Council; Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1978Effects of the Japanese direct investment on employment, labor productivity and labor income in the developing host economy with special reference to the case of KoreaCouncil for Asian Manpower Studies; Park, Chin KeunIDRC Only
1987Efforts for pollution control in the electricity industryKobayashi, Osamu; Sakakibara, Mika; Yamada, Ayako; Hashimoto, Michio; Kihara, KeikichiIDRC Only
Jan-2011Facilitating trade through simplification of trade processes and procedures in BangladeshSaifuddin Hossain, Syed; Rahman, TariqurIDRC Only