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1987Bulletin du CIPEA, no. 26, février 1987Centre international pour l'élevage en AfriqueIDRC Only
1988Développement des techniques isotopiques et nucléaires en hydrologie et hydrogéologie dans les pays du SahelAIEAIDRC Only
2009Evidence of improper sanitation on groundwater quality in Thiaroye aquifer, Dakar, Senegal : an isotopic approachDiédhiou, M.; Cissé Faye, S.; Faye, S.; Schulte, U.; Wohnlich, S.IDRC Only
1989Hydrogeology of fractured bedrock systems in South West Uganda with special reference to the River Nyabisheki catchment of Mbarara District : final report to the Water Development Dept. of the Ministry of Water and Mineral DevelopmentUniversity of Toronto, Groundwater Research Group; Uganda. Water Development Dept.IDRC Only
1992Hydrologie isotopique des zones arides : SCT 8155, séminaireOga Yéï, M.S.IDRC Only
1993Hydrologie isotopique en zone sahélienne : cas du Liptako au Niger (Afrique de l'Ouest)Oga Yéï, M.S.IDRC Only
1987ILCA bulletin, no. 26, February 1987International Livestock Centre for AfricaIDRC Only
1990Integrated study of the quantity and quality of groundwater in the lower Santa Lucia Basin, UruguayHaile-Meskale, M.IDRC Only
1981Proceedings of the Second Coordination Meeting of Regional Cooperative Agreement on the Use of Nuclear Techniques to Improve Domestic Buffalo Production in Asia, 2-6 Mar. ... Bangkok, ThailandJoint FAO/IAEA Division of Atomic Energy in Food and Agriculture; Kamonpatana, M.IDRC Only
2009Use of δ15N and δ18O-NO3 isotopes as indicators of nitrate sources in the quaternary sand aquifer of Thiaroye (Dakar, Senegal)Cissé Faye, S.; Re, V.; Diedhiou, M.; Diouf, O.C.; Faye, S.; Gaye, C.B.; Faye, A.; Wohnlich, S.IDRC Only