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1987CDS / ISIS (version 2.0) : operation manual for the SEARRAG databaseSEARRAG; Noor Ida Yang Rashdi; Tor Siong ChonIDRC Only
1992Criteria and procedures for selection of free text software package for the Institute of Southern African Studies (ISAS) in LesothoRanko. Eunice LimakatsoIDRC Only
1987Evaluation of micro CDS / ISIS and the implications of its use by the National Institute of Research and Documentation, BotswanaMoahi, K.H.IDRC Only
1984Evaluation of project results / Development Data Bases : use in Canada; DEVSIS (Canada); ISIS Resource Centre (Cartago); SALUSBramwell, J.B.Open Access
1990Feasibility study for exploiting micro CDS / ISIS in Southern Africa Co-ordination Committee (SADCC) countries with special reference to Zimbabwe : possibilities for information resources sharing plus a practical guidePwiti, J.IDRC Only
1991Information and documentation for banana and plantain in East Africa : a report on a regional workshop, Bujumbura, Burundi, 18-23 June 1990International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain; Arnaud, E.IDRC Only
1974Integrated Set of Information Systems (ISIS).Vespry, H.A.IDRC Only
1980International Cooperative Information Systems : proceedings of a seminar in Vienna, 9-13 July 1979IDRC; IAEA; United Nations Conference on Science and Technology for DevelopmentOpen Access
1991International Development Information Network on Research in Progress (IDIN)International Development Information NetworkIDRC Only
1976International Development Research Centre and computerized retrieval services.Schafer, M.E.; Brandreth, M.IDRC Only
1978ISIS : manual para usuariosCEPALIDRC Only
1974ISIS Advisory Group, 1974 : proceedingsSwedish Agency for Administrative Development; ISIS Advisory GroupIDRC Only
1972ISIS implementation at IDRC : a feasibility studyO'Reilly, B.E.IDRC Only
1972ISIS implementation at IDRC : a feasibility study; appendicesO'Reilly, B.E.IDRC Only
1974ISIS newsletterIDRC; ILO; Swedish Agency for Administrative DevelopmentIDRC Only
1977Latin American Population Documentation System (DOCPAL); an example of IDRC's information activities in populationDelaney, F.M.; Conning, A.M.Open Access
1973Management accounting and reporting system for International Development Research CentreP.S. Ross & PartnersOpen Access
1973Management accounting and reporting system for International Development Research Centre : appendixP.S. Ross & PartnersOpen Access
1989Rapport pédagogique / Séminaire national sur le logiciel CDS / ISIS, Togo, du 19 juin au 3 juil. 1989Togo. Ministère du plan et de l'industrie; Thioune, A.IDRC Only
1976Report on the implementation of DOCPAL during the first six months of operation : background paperCentro Latinoamericano de Demografía; Conning, A.M.IDRC Only