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2010Civil society and the Islamic movements; the case of Iraq [Arabic language]Said, Haydar; Jamil, Asmaa; Atwan, MohamedIDRC Only
2005Civil Society Research Priorities in Iraq : a workshop hosted by IDRC, Amman, December 8 - 9, 2005; draft reportInternational Development Research Centre (IDRC)Open Access
2008Conditions of social sciences in Iraq : a general surveyIraq Institute for Strategic Studies (IIST)IDRC Only
2008Democracy in Iraq today [Arabic language]Kubaisi, YahyaIDRC Only
2010Iraqi Communist Party [Arabic language]Abdul Jabbar, FalehIDRC Only
2002Meeting review, Civil Society and Islamism in Iraq, CR Reunion, Amman, Jordan, 26 March 2002 [Arabic language]Haider, Said; Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme (FMSH)IDRC Only
2005Middle East Good Governance Fund : summary of first inception mission, December 2004IDRCOpen Access
2005Middle East Special Initiative - Middle East Good Governance Fund : governance and civil society research priorities in Iraq Amman, December 8-9, 2005IDRC. Middle East Special InitiativeOpen Access
2008Notions of the clan and of authorities in Iraq today [Arabic language]Dawood, HishamIDRC Only
2008Political parties in Iraq : phase II [Arabic language]Abdul Jabbar, FalehIDRC Only
2009Problems of the national and the ethnic/sectarian in Iraq [Arabic language]Abdul Jabbar, FalehIDRC Only
2009State of social sciences in Iraq universities : survey and assessmentJabar, Faleh A.; Said, Haydar; Najjar, Shirzad; Jamil, Asmaa; Kubaisi, Yihya; Atwan, MuhammadIDRC Only
2009What can Europe do in Iraq? : recommendations for a new U.S.-European collaborationHeinrich Böll FoundationIDRC Only
2008Women, Clans and Islamism[Arabic language]Jamil, AsmaaIDRC Only