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1977Acceptance of auxiliary health workers in rural IranZeighami, B.; Zeighami, E.; Ronaghy, H.A.; Russell, S.S.IDRC Only
1977Auxiliaires sanitaires en milieu ruralCRDI; McKee, N.; Lessard, M.Open Access
1995Canadian journal of development studies, v. 16, no. 2, 1995Rempel, Henry; Lévy, Brigitte; Medhora, Rohinton; Lalonde, Anne-Marie; Pétrin, DianeIDRC Only
1997Canadian journal of development studies, v. 18, no. 1, 1997Rempel, Henry; Lévy, Brigitte; Medhora, Rohinton; Dung VuongIDRC Only
2011Community Health Workers’ Perspectives on Their Contribution to Rural Health and Well-Being in IranJavanparast, S; Baum, F; Labonte, R; Sanders, D-
1978Cost effectiveness analysis of Kavar Auxiliary Village Health Workers' Project, IranAyatollahi, S.M.T.IDRC Only
1996Decline of the Iranian rial during the post revolutionary period : productivity approachEconomic Research Forum; Bahmani-Oskooee, MohsenOpen Access
1995Development of financial markets in the Arab countries, Iran and TurkeyEconomic Research ForumOpen Access
2003Diplomatic move "rap on knuckles" for Iranian leaders : people might consider Canada's decision no more than feeble gesture, expert saysSmith, G.; McCabe, A.IDRC Only
1977Dos enfoques de salud : Irán y PanamáDorozynski, A.; Esquivel, J.R.Open Access
1976Eugénie Lavallée fait école en IranStanley, BobOpen Access
1996Foreign exchange policy and management during structural adjustment : the case of IranEconomic Research Forum; Jalal-Naini, Ahmad RezaOpen Access
1974General framework and individual research proposals for a research programme on study - service and related schemes involving research teams in a number of different countriesIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East AsiaIDRC Only
1976Health care for the most peopleDorozynski, A.Open Access
1976Iran renforce son programme sanitaireDorozynski, A.Open Access
1976Kavar Village Health Worker ProjectPahlavi University; Ronaghy, H.A.IDRC Only
1978Kavar Village Health Worker ProjectRonaghy, H.A.IDRC Only
1994Labor productivity, under-employment and rural migration in IranEconomic Research Forum; Soltani, G.R.Open Access
1988Media Asia : an Asian mass communication quarterly, volume 15, number 2, 1988; communication technology and developmentAsian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre; Menon, Vijay; Cheong Yun WanIDRC Only
1993New bosses recording the truthMétavidea Associates; Probe Team; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Golestan, K.IDRC Only