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2002ACACIA PI Team Meeting 2002 - Report-Open Access
2006Acacia prospectus 2006-2011International Development Research Centre (IDRC)Open Access
2002Acacia Team Meeting, April - May 2002 : evaluationEtta, Florence E.Open Access
2007Agricultural Knowledge Centre lessons for replication, final technical report, September 2006 - June 2007Asaba, Jane Frances; Musebe, Richard; Okolla, AbrahamIDRC Only
Jan-2013Big data for development : from information- to knowledge societiesHilbert, MartinIDRC Only
30-Sep-2013Broadband and development : evidence and new research directions from Latin America; final technical reportGalperin, Hernan; Mariscal, Judith; Barrantes, RoxanaOpen Access
2007Building multi-stakeholder partnerships in ICT4D : case-study; final technical reportBujanda Bujanda, Maria Eugenia; Castro, RicardoIDRC Only
2000Building the Blocks of The Pan African Telecentre and ICT study: Report of an Evaluation Design Workshop of the Acacia (ELSA) Programme InitiativeWamahiu, Sheila ParvynOpen Access
2011Communication Policy Research South (CPRsouth) : evaluation reportKapugama, NilushaOpen Access
2001Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Asia Virtual Resource Centre CBNRMASIA VRC : a web-based interactive information platform for researchers and innovators in CBNRM in AsiaCai, MantangIDRC Only
2013Connecting ICTs to development : the IDRC experienceElder, Laurent; Emdon, Heloise; Fuchs, Richard; Petrazzini, BenOpen Access
2013Connecting people for development : why public access ICTs matterSey, Araba; Coward, Chris; Bar, François; Sciadas, George; Rothschild, Chris; Koepke, LucasOpen Access
2010Digital Review of Asia Pacific - Phase II : final technical report, January 2006 - October 2010Akhtar, Shahid; Arinto, Patricia; Butt, Daniel; Charron, Claude-Yves; Elder, LaurentIDRC Only
Apr-2013End-term evaluation of the research grants in ICT for Development Tenable in Universities in Eastern and Southern Africa ProjectNganga, WanjikuOpen Access
2011Engaging citizen e-participation in the parliamentary legislative processesYunden, Erdenetuya; Zagdragchaa, BatboldIDRC Only
Mar-2012Enhancing participation in governance through ICTs : insights from a project with community reporters in ManilaGutierrez, Ibarra; Estrada‐Claudio, Sylvia; Gurumurthy, Anita; Joshi, Arpita; Nandini, C.Open Access
2010Evaluation of "Strengthening ICTD Research Capacity in Asia" (SIRCA) ProgrammeMizumoto, AnnOpen Access
2011Evaluation of IDRC-supported eHealth projects : final reportMechael, PatriciaOpen Access
2010External review of the Connectivity and Equity in the Americas / Institute for Connectivity in the Americas (CEA/ICA) ProgramAcevedo Ruiz, Manuel; Garcia-Murillo, Martha A.; Gouvêa, AdrianaOpen Access
2010External review of the IDRC Acacia Program : final reportPare, Daniel; Ofir, Zenda; Miller, Jonathan; Taylor, EmilyOpen Access