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Jan-2003African Highlands Initiative – Acacia project : final reportStroud, Ann; Ocilaje, MichaelIDRC Only
2007Analysing of sector specificity regarding ICT and broadband usage by SMME businessesPierson, Jo; Baelden, Dorien; Lievens, Bram; Marsigny, ChristineOpen Access
2005ASEAN-TELSOM regional forum on convergence : final reportRajah and Tann, advocates and solicitorsIDRC Only
2010Assessing women's empowerment through the Uganda Health Information NetworkMadanda, Aramanzan; Hafkin, NancyIDRC Only
2010Benchmarking national communications regulatory authority websites, 2010Kerretts-Makau, Monica; Tankeu, Robertine; Kamoun, FaroukOpen Access
2010Benin ICT sector performance review, 2009/2010Chabossou, Augustin; Gillwald, AlisonOpen Access
2003Bringing IT to the Senegalese people : a participatory approach has helped research influence public policiesJohnson, MaureenOpen Access
2008Broadband infrastructure in Africa : fiber technologyAdam, LishanIDRC Only
2008Caribbean ICT stakeholders virtual community : CIVIC 2.0 Event; ICT4D Policy Workshop reportWallace, ElaineIDRC Only
2011Case Study - National Council for Law Reporting (Kenya)Nyaiyaki Onchana, EstherIDRC Only
2008Channel managers' training : behavioral typologies, Juan Dolio, DR, 11-14 November 2008Bruno, StéphaneIDRC Only
2011Commission for Science and Technology: An Overview of PICTURE-Africa-IDRC Only
Dec-2013Communication for policy research South-South : final technical reportGalperin, Hernán; Mariscal, Judith; Barrantes, RoxanaOpen Access
2011Communication Policy Research South (CPRsouth) : evaluation reportKapugama, NilushaOpen Access
2010Comparative ICT sector performance review, 2009/2010Calandro, Enrico; Gillwald, Alison; Moyo, Mpho; Stork, ChristophOpen Access
2010Conceptual and methodological problems in the study of ICT appropriation process by low- income urban youth in ArgentinaBenítez Larghi, Sebastián; Moguillansky, Marina; Aguerre, Carolina; Fontecoba, Ariel; Orchuela, Jimena; Calamari, Marina; Ponce de León, Jimena; Gaztañaga, MiguelOpen Access
2010Connecting in real space : how people share knowledge and technologies in cybercafésBest, Michael L.IDRC Only
2009Connecting West and Central Africa to the global research and education infrastructure : study for the Association of African Universities (AAU) of optical Ffbre for research and higher education networks in Western and Central AfricaPehrson, Björn; Comstedt, Anders; Barry, Boubakar; Dakubu, Mumuni; Hounkonnou, NorbertIDRC Only
2010Connectivity and Equity in the Americas Program Initiative final report 2006-2009IDRC. Connectivity and Equity in the AmericasOpen Access
2010Digital and other poverties : exploring the connection in four East African countriesMay, Julian; Dutton, Vaughan; Munyakazi, LouisIDRC Only