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Jul-2013Changing selves, changing societies : women, gender and ICT in Africa and the Middle EastBuskens, Ineke; Webb, AnneOpen Access
2010Digital and other poverties : exploring the connection in four East African countriesMay, JulianIDRC Only
2010Gender assessment of ICT access and usage in AfricaMilek, Anne; Stork, Christoph; Gillwald, AlisonOpen Access
17-May-2008ICT access and usage in South AfricaGillwald, Alison; Stork, ChristophOpen Access
2011ICT access and use by mumbai microentrepreneurs : understanding precursors of ICT impactVigneswara Ilavarasan, P.; Levy, MarkIDRC Only
Feb-2012ICT access for women from the margins : lessons from Sri LankaKottegoda, Sepali; Perera, Sachini; Emmanuel, Sarala; Gurumurthy, Anita; Nandini, C.; Joshi, ArpitaOpen Access
2013ICTs and black women’s empowerment : unmasking domination in several layersSelaimen, GracielaOpen Access
2014Qualitative report for the Young women Govern South Africa project within the Women-Gov projectLewis, Desiree; Shewarega Hussen, TigistIDRC Only
2008Survey of ICT access and usage in Ethiopia : policy implicationsAdam, LishanIDRC Only
2009Towards evidence based ICT policy and regulationGillwald, AlisonOpen Access
2008Towards Evidence Based ICT Policy: Access & Usage in 17 African CountriesGillwald, AlisonIDRC Only
2009Towards evidence-based ICT policy and regulationGillwald, AlisonOpen Access
2009Towards evidence-based policy in Africa : ICT access and usage in 17 African countriesGillwald, AlisonOpen Access