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2009ACA2K country report : EgyptAwad, Bassem; El-Gheriani, Moatasem; Zeid, Perihan AbouOpen Access
2006African Tertiary Institutions Connectivity Survey (ATICS) - 2006 ReportGakio, KaranjaOpen Access
Jan-2012Aligning records management with ICT/ e-Government and freedom of information in East Africa : final technical reportInternational Records Management TrustIDRC Only
2002Application of ICTs in Africa : development of knowledge workers in centres of learningMuraguri Waibodhi, JohnIDRC Only
2011Baobab : a magazine on drylands development and sustainable agriculture, issue 61, March 2011Nguo, James; Mugo, Anthony; Lusaka, Noah; Lung'ahi, Esther; Mwangi, SusanOpen Access
2009Bénin : là où il faut 3, 4, même 5 cartes SIM pour faire un appelLCOpen Access
21-Oct-2003Building awareness and supporting African universities in ICT management : the big ICT five (strategy, development/acquisition, implementation, utilization, service management)Massingue, Venâncio SimãoIDRC Only
2012Building Southern participation at the Internet Governance Forum : report for the period September 2011 - December 2011Munyua, Alice; Esterhuysen, AnrietteIDRC Only
2007Cape Town to Cairo : connecting AfricaJensen, MikeOpen Access
Jan-2012Caribbean ICT indicators and broadband survey : a qualitative study; final reportUniversity of the West Indies. Telecommunications Policy and Management ProgrammeIDRC Only
May-2011Caribbean ICT indicators and broadband survey : JamaicaDunn, Hopeton; Williams, Richardo; Thomas, Michele; Brown, AllisonIDRC Only
2012Case study : Developing evaluation capacity (DECI); building an organization’s capacity to conduct use focused evaluations using a mentoring approach - LIRNEasia’s CPRsouth ProgramKumar-Range, Shubh; Kapugama, Nilusha; Samarajiva, RohanIDRC Only
2012Case study : DREAM-IT - Development Research to Empower All Mongolians through Information Communications Technology in MongoliaZaveri, Sonal D.IDRC Only
2012Case study : PAN Asian Collaboration for Evidence-based e-Health Adoption and Application (PANACeA)Solomon, ChelladuraiIDRC Only
2011Closer than ever : a guide for social change organisations who want to start working onlineSalas, Margarita; Batsú, SuláOpen Access
30-Nov-2013Communication for Policy Research Africa (CPRafrica) (South-South in contract) : final technical and financial reportGillwald, AlisonOpen Access
24-Apr-2015Community filmmaking as research (re)considering knowledge production through the camera's lensOrbach, Ariella; Rain, Juan; Contreras, RobertoIDRC Only
2009Compendium on impact assessment of ICT-for-development projectsHeeks, Richard; Molla, AlemayehuOpen Access
2010Conceptual and methodological problems in the study of ICT appropriation process by low- income urban youth in ArgentinaBenítez Larghi, Sebastián; Moguillansky, Marina; Aguerre, Carolina; Fontecoba, Ariel; Orchuela, Jimena; Calamari, Marina; Ponce de León, Jimena; Gaztañaga, MiguelOpen Access
2011Connecting communities - improving livelihoodsENRAPOpen Access