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1975All in a grain of rice.Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Castillo, G.T.IDRC Only
1988Breeding and seed production of chinese cabbage in the tropics and subtropicsAsian Vegetable Research and Development Center; Opeña, R.T.; Kuo, C.G.; Yoon, J.Y.IDRC Only
1974Breeding sorghum for improved grain qualityDoggett, H.Open Access
2000Brief report : the transference of apomixis genes from manihot neusana nassar to cassava, M. esculenta crantzNassar, N.M.A.; Dos Santos, E.; David, S.R.O.IDRC Only
1981Coloured cotton : return of the nativeIDRC; Vreeland, J.M.Open Access
1992Conserving and increasing on-farm genetic diversity : farmer management of varietal bean mixtures in Central AfricaVoss, J.IDRC Only
2002Decades of cassava research bear fruitShore, K.Open Access
1968Exploration into the production economics of high yielding varietiesHopper, W.D.IDRC Only
1992Forty First Annual Rabi Oilseed Research Workers' Group Meeting : rapeseed - mustard, rabi / summer groundnut, safflower and linseed; Aug. 18-21, 1992, PKV, NagpurDirectorate of Oilseeds ResearchOpen Access
1969From unsteady infancy to vigorous adolescence; rice developmentHopper, W.D.; Freeman, W.H.IDRC Only
2000Goldfinger, Cooking Bananas and Plantains : Testing and Dissemination; final technical report, 1996-2000Hemeng, O.B.; Anno-Nyako, F.O.; Dzomeku, B.M.; Banful, B.; Moses, E.; Yeboah, D.K.; Darkey, S.K.IDRC Only
1976Growth and yield of early - maturing grain sorghum hybridsKebede, Y.IDRC Only
1976Hidden harvest : a systems approach to postharvest technologySpurgeon, DavidOpen Access
1969Increasing the supply of nutritious foodsHulse, J.H.Open Access
1982Index selection for genetic improvement of yield, kernel weight and protein content in wheatGebre-Mariam, H.IDRC Only
1977International agricultural research systemHulse, J.H.Open Access
1978Interpretive analysis of selected papers from changes in rice farming in selected areas of AsiaIRRIIDRC Only
1977Introduction to the ICRISAT Sorghum Workshop.Doggett, H.Open Access
1977Keynote address : ICRISAT International Sorghum WorkshopInternational Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics; Doggett, H.Open Access
1990Leucaena psyllid : problems and management; proceedings of an international workshop held in Bogor, Indonesia, 16-21 Jan., 1989Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development, Forestry/Fuelwood Research and Development Project; IDRC; Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association; Banpot Napompeth; MacDicken, K.G.IDRC Only