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1988Cold storage economics of onions, fish, shrimps, and beef in the Philippines : terminal reportLantican, F.A.; University of the Philippines at Los BañosIDRC Only
1984Ergosterol vs dry matter loss as quality indicator for high moisture rough rice during holdingNaewbanij, M.; Seib, P.A.; Chung, D.S.; Seitz, L.M.; Deyoe, C.W.IDRC Only
1990Final report on minimum tillage research in KenyaUniversity of Nairobi; Michieka, R.W.IDRC Only
1991Mathematical modelling of selected agricultural crop dryers for the humid tropicsElepaño, A.R.IDRC Only
1996Method for determination of "Ob" for statically compacted soilsOloo, S.Y.; Fredlund, D.G.IDRC Only
1985Quality indicators for rough rice during aerated storageNaewbanij, M.IDRC Only
1977Real meaning of high temperature low humidity to grain storage in the Sahelian zoneYaciuk, G.Open Access
1981Salt redistribution through a saline sodic clay soilMustafa, M.A.IDRC Only
1980Soil moisture based yield model of wetland rainfed riceIRRI; Zandstra, H.G.; Bolton, F.R.Open Access
1990Striga physiology : the effects of soil moisture, temperature, fertilizers on Striga germination, viability and emergence; final technical report for the period 23 July 1986 to 31 Dec. 1989International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid TropicsIDRC Only
1983Study I : preliminary evaluation of all existing commercial bulk storage silo under Philippine conditionNational Food AuthorityIDRC Only
1991Study of mechanized threshing and two thermal properties of quinuaJanzen, S.IDRC Only
1983Study of traditional grain storage structures : Iringa and Morogoro regions of TanzaniaUniversity of Dar es Salaam; Mphuru, A.N.; Nsolla, M.N.IDRC Only