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1988Advances in grain posharvest technology generation and utilization : proceedings of the eleventh ASEAN Technical Seminar on Grain Postharvest Technology, 23-26 Aug. 1988, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaASEAN; ASEAN Food Handling Bureau; Lembaga Padi Dan Beras Negara; Thailand. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives; Naewbanij, J.O.IDRC Only
1991ASEAN Grain Postharvest Programme : status of country projects as of 31 December 1990Frio, A.S.IDRC Only
2014Assessment of post harvest losses of mango [final technical report : annexure 18]-IDRC Only
1983Bamboo handling in the rural areas of Yogyakarta (Indonesia) with special reference to its traditional preservation : final reportSulthoni, AchmadIDRC Only
1976Cushioning materialsAsian Packaging Information CentreIDRC Only
1991Developing technologies for the preservation of fruits and vegetables for their maximum utilisation : final report; part B, improvement of storage, transport and general handling of fresh fruit and vegetablesWijeratnam, R.S. Wilson; Selvarajah, K.; Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research. Food Technology SectionIDRC Only
1986Disease investigation of transported Chanos chanos stocked in Laguna Lake, PhilippinesLio-Po, G.; Duremdez-Fernandez, R.; Villaluz, A.IDRC Only
Jun-1994East Africa Pesticide Network Project - EAPN - TanzaniaNgowi, A V FIDRC Only
1981Effect of several grain handling methods on the drying process in a small capacity flatbed dryerIndonesia. Badan Urusan Logistik; Bryan, J.IDRC Only
1989Final report / Fruit and Vegetable Postharvest StudyThailand Institute of Scientific and Technological ResearchIDRC Only
1988Final report / Grain Storage ProjectSokoine University of AgricultureIDRC Only
May-1997Final Report: Food ProcessingSimpson, Benjamin K; Oldham, James H; Dzogbefia, VictoriaIDRC Only
1995Final Technical and Project Completion Reports / Banana Post harvest Technologies: PhilippinesLizada, Concepcion CIDRC Only
1979Food systems : an account of the Postproduction Systems Program supported by the International Development Research CentreForrest, R.S.; Edwardson, W.; Vogel, S.; Yaciuk, G.Open Access
1985General information package on the storage, handling and packaging of perishablesCaribbean Development BankIDRC Only
1985Genotypic and environmental factors affecting seed coat durability of field peas and dehulling characteristics of other legumesEhiwe, A.O.F.IDRC Only
1991Goat meat production potential in the developing countriesDevendra, C.Open Access
1987Grain drying systems : R and D prioritiesde Padua, D.B.Open Access
1991Grain postharvest research and development : priorities for the nineties; proceedings of the Twelfth ASEAN Seminar on Grain Postharvest Technology, Surabaya, Indonesia, 29-31 Aug. 1989ASEAN, ASEAN Grain Postharvest Programme; Indonesia. Badan Urusan Logistik; Naewbanij, J.O.IDRC Only
1980Grain quality improvement : proceedings of the 3rd Annual Workshop on Grains Post-Harvest Technology, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 29-31 Jan. 1980Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in AgricultureIDRC Only