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2007AERC scoping studies on China - Africa economic relations : the GambiaSillah, Bukhari M.S.; Jammeh, Mohammed E.IDRC Only
Jun-2014Canadian journal of development studies, v. 35, no. 2, June 2014Canadian Association for the Study of International DevelopmentOpen Access
2001Comparison of the effectiveness of solar-dried mangoes and high-dose vitamin A supplements in improving the vitamin A status of Gambian childrenMarquis, G.S.; Drammeh, B.; Stephensen, C.B.Open Access
1993Determinants of early childbearing among young female adults in the GambiaJeng, M.S.IDRC Only
2004Ethics and the Internet in West Africa : toward an ethical model of integrationBrunet, Patrick J.; Tiemtoré, Oumarou; Vettraino-Soulard, Marie-ClaudeOpen Access
1991Final annual report / Oyster Culture Research Project : the GambiaGambia. Fisheries Dept.IDRC Only
1991Final report / Contraceptive Continuation and Discontinuation in the GambiaGambia Family Planning Association; Family Health InternationalIDRC Only
1990Final technical report / Gambian Mini Dehuller, second phase, 1988-1990 : including engineering, social, and economic studies and resultsCatholic Relief Services; Nance, J.; Krubally, M.; Kalil, C.; Malang, D.IDRC Only
1988Gambian grain dehuller : final technical report - phase oneCatholic Relief Services; Nance, J.P.IDRC Only
2008Governing health systems in AfricaSama, Martyn; Nguyen, Vinh-KimIDRC Only
2002IDRC governor's [sic] field visit : Senegal - Gambia; Feb. 10-15, 2002IDRC; O'Neil, M.; Burone, F.Open Access
2002IDRC president and governors are charmed by their West African experienceIDRC; Gérard, J.Open Access
1987Index to livestock literature microfiched by the ILCA / IDRC team in the GambiaInternational Livestock Centre for Africa; IDRC. Information Sciences DivisionIDRC Only
2005Integrated peri-urban systems : horticulture and livestock in West African cities (phase 2); a program evaluation in Senegal and The Gambia, 2-13 January 2005Diop, Jean-MarieOpen Access
2009Integrated peri-urban systems : horticulture and livestock in West African cities (phase 3); final technical reportAsaolu, V.O.IDRC Only
2004Investment in education and economic growth in the Gambia 1975 - 2001 : a cointegration approachSecretariat for Institutional Support for Economic Research in Africa; Ceesay, A.Open Access
2010Moringa oleifera-horticulture-livestock integration approach to improving incomes and livelihoods of women farmers : the Gambian experienceAsaolu, V.O.; Jarju, A.K.; Joof, A.; Odeyinka, S.M.; Manne, J.; Darboe, D.; Jallow, M.IDRC Only
1999Production intensive de viande en Afrique sub-saharienne : actes du séminaire-atelier tenu du 13 au 17 mars 1995, Mbour, SénégalTouré Fall, Safiétou; Faye, AdamaIDRC Only
2011Relatório : ateliê nacional; recolha de subsídios para elaboração de cenários e definição de estratégias de adaptação das políticas de pesca às mudanças climáticasREPAOIDRC Only
1990Report on the West African Conference on "Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability : the Responsibilities of Northern and Southern NGOs", Accra, 7-9 Sept. 1990Friends of the EarthIDRC Only