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1994Alternative funding : looking beyond the nation stateBezanson, K.A.; Mendez, R.Open Access
1995Alternative funding : looking beyond the nation stateBezanson, K.A.; Mendez, R.IDRC Only
1984Animal production systems : from research projects to development programs; the case of CATIE in Central AmericaQuijandría, B.IDRC Only
1990Annual technical report 1990 / Bhutan - IRRI Rice Farming Systems Project : phase IIIRRIIDRC Only
1987ASEAN : the tasks aheadInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies, ASEAN Economic Research UnitIDRC Only
Sep-1992At what price higher education in Africa? : a case study of higher education systems in CameroonNgu, J.L.; Yunkap Kwankam, S.Open Access
1994Background documents and research papers prepared for the Environmental Policy Mission funded by IDRC in South AfricaNgobese, P.; Abrahamse-Lamola, T.IDRC Only
1984Biotechnology: new horns for an old dilemmaHulse, J.H.IDRC Only
1988Bridges of hope? : Canadian voluntary agencies and the Third WorldHerbert-Copley, B.; Brodhead, T.; Lambert, A.M.Open Access
1993Canada and Latin American securityCanada - Latin America Forum; Klepak, H.P.IDRC Only
1970Canada's assistance to developing nations : inaugural lecture given at the Mercredis de l'ICI, Mar. 5, 1970University of Ottawa; Université d'Ottawa; Strong, M.F.IDRC Only
1982Caribbean Information SystemDurrant, F.IDRC Only
1987Case study on the growth potential of small scale manufacturing enterprises in Bursa, TurkeyEvciment, G.; Cinar, E.M.; Kaytaz, M.IDRC Only
1994CGNET story : a case study of international computer networkingLindsey, Georg; Novak, Ken; Ozgediz, Selçuk; Balson, DavidOpen Access
1997Challenges to the 2020 vision for Latin America : food and agriculture since 1970International Food Policy Research Institute; Garrett, J.L.IDRC Only
1993Closing remarks : Annual Program Meeting, Nov. 5, 1993Bezanson, Keith A.Open Access
1988Coffee Marketing in Tanzania : an analysis of contemporary problems and strategies for improvement; research reportTibaijuka, A.; Mabele, R.; Lugusha, E.; Naho, A.IDRC Only
1995Communication for reconstruction and development : the information highway as basic infrastructure in the new South AfricaAkhtar, S.; Song, S.IDRC Only
1977Costa Rica and the world : a view of the futureStrong, M.F.IDRC Only
1996Current approaches and future opportunities for improving Gros Michel (AAA Dessert) bananasRowe, P.; Rosales, F.E.IDRC Only