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1992Agroforestry, energy and sustainability in the tea industry of upper North ThailandSawin, S.W.Open Access
1994Allaqi Project Workshop on Sustainable Development and Fuelwood in Wadi Allaqi, Lake Nasser Area, EgyptUnit of Environmental Studies and DevelopmentIDRC Only
1994ANC COSATU SACP SANCO environmental policy mission : briefing paper; the South African energy sectorHoren, C. vanOpen Access
1990Assessment and innovation of improved firewood stoves in China : final reportInstitute for Techno-Economics and Energy System Analysis; Qiu Daxiong; Gu Shuhua; Huang KunIDRC Only
1983Casuarina ecology management and utilization : proceedings of an International Workshop, Canberra, Australia, 17-21 Aug. 1981Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. Division of Forest Research; National Academy of Sciences; Midgley, S.J.; Turnbull, J.W.; Johnston, R.D.IDRC Only
1983Charcoal Stove Project (Tanzania) : final report to IDRCIshengoma, R.C.IDRC Only
1986Common future for women and men (and all living creatures)EDPRA Consulting Inc.IDRC Only
1982Cooking energyPrasad, K.K.IDRC Only
1986Creating incentives for sustainable energy production and use in the world economyKosmo, Mark; DeLucia, Russel; Repetto, RobertIDRC Only
1994Cut firewood / Bois de chauffage coupéColvey, StephanieOpen Access
1983Deforestation and the food fuel context : historico-political perspectives from NepalBajracharya, D.IDRC Only
1997Economic analysis of tropical forest land use options, Ratanakiri Province, CambodiaBann, Camille; IDRC. Economy and Environment Program for Southeast AsiaOpen Access
1988Economics of fuelwood production (Thailand)Thailand. Royal Forest Dept.; Tiwa SapakitIDRC Only
1984Economics of reforestation in developing countriesFrench, DavidIDRC Only
1986Effect of the lack of accountability of international aid institutions on the Third World's environmentEnergy Probe; Adams, Patricia; Solomon, LawrenceIDRC Only
1982End use focussed energy assessment for TanzaniaMwandosya, M.J.IDRC Only
Jun-1985Ends and means in rural energy surveysDesai, Ashok V.Open Access
1982Energy and end use issues in BangladeshMahmud, I.; Islam, M.N.IDRC Only
1978Energy efficient agroforestry systems for tropical land managementBene, J.G.IDRC Only
1990Energy in AfricaEnergy Research Group; Kahane, A.; Lwakabamba, S.; O'Keefe, P.; Kaale, B.K.; Fall, D.IDRC Only