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2009Arab textile and clothingAzizi, SalehIDRC Only
1984Arms industry in Brazil : the role of the state in technological developmentDagnino, R.P.IDRC Only
1989ASEAN China economic relations : developments in ASEAN and ChinaInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies; Institute of World Economics and Politics; Chia, Siow Yue; Cheng BifanIDRC Only
1983Caribbean materialsIDRC. Social Sciences DivisionIDRC Only
1988Coffee Marketing in Tanzania : an analysis of contemporary problems and strategies for improvement; research reportTibaijuka, A.; Mabele, R.; Lugusha, E.; Naho, A.IDRC Only
1995Draft Final Report / "No Dumping Here" Control of Pesticides in Developing CountriesEnvironment Liaison Centre IntenationalIDRC Only
1991Dyeing for economic growthRuiz, W.Open Access
1996Enhancement of competitive capability of Vietnamese manufactured products for export : final reportInstitute for Science ManagementIDRC Only
1996Exchange rate and trade liberalization policies and the promotion of manufactured exports in NigeriaNational Research Network on Liberalization in Nigeria; Jerome, A.; Adenikinju, A.; Raheem, M.; Adeyemo, J.IDRC Only
1992Export industries trickle down in TunisiaThompson, A.Open Access
1983Export processing jobs and female laborCaribbean Technology Policy Studies Project; Durant-Gonzalez, V.IDRC Only
1974Exports and employment in Taiwan : final reportLiang, Kuo Shu; Liang, Ching Ing HouIDRC Only
2014Extraterritorial investments, environmental crisis, and collective action in Latin AmericaOspina Peralta, Pablo; Bebbington, Anthony; Hollenstein, Patric; Nussbaum, Ilana; Ramírez, Eduardo; ElsevierOpen Access
1985Green pharmacy : herbal medicines in modern usageNearing, M.Open Access
2011Hacia un desarrollo superficial o los inicios del salto tecnológico? : exportaciones de maquilas y desarrollo económico en Costa RicaSánchez Ancochea, DiegoIDRC Only
1984On the feasibility of an export oriented rattan furniture industry in BangladeshForest Research Institute; Wong, K.M.IDRC Only
1985One hundred percent export oriented units : performance and prospectsIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations; Ramadhyani, MartandIDRC Only
1986Philippine banana export industry : its implications on agricultural developmentUniversity of the Philippines at Los BañosIDRC Only
1986Philippine pineapple export industryUniversity of the Philippines at Los BañosIDRC Only
2008Political economy of trade policy in the Middle East and North Africa :a study of selected sectors in Egypt and MoroccoKheir-El-Din, Hanaa; Achy, Lahcen; Bastawi, Akrum; Ghoneim, AhmedIDRC Only