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2009Adaptation and livelihood resilience : implementation pilots and research in regions vulnerable to extreme climatic variability and changeDixit, AjayaIDRC Only
2009By cell phone, scientists assist African farmers facing effects of climate changeRoberts, JeanneIDRC Only
2008Challenges of optimizing common alerting protocol for SMS based GSM devices in last-mile hazard warnings in Sri LankaWaidyanatha, Nuwan; Dias, D.; Purasinghe, H.Open Access
2008Common alerting protocol message broker for Last-Mile Hazard Warning System in Sri Lanka : an essential componentWaidyanatha, Nuwan; Gow, Gordon; Anderson, PeterOpen Access
2008Community-based hazard warning in Sri Lanka : miniaturization assessment of terminal devices in the last-mile linkWaidyanatha, Nuwan; Gow, Gordon; Anderson, PeterOpen Access
2008Community-based hazard warnings in rural Sri Lanka : performance of alerting and notification in a last-mile message relayWaidyanatha, Nuwan; Gow, Gordon; Anderson, PeterOpen Access
Dec-2011Development and Application of a Framework for Emerging Infectious Disease Intelligence in Lower Resource SettingsSawford, Kate; Robertson, Colin; Gunawardena, Suraj; Stephen, CraigOpen Access
Jul-2012Enhancing the adaptive capacity of communities to climate change induced water challenges using ICT in Uganda : project design and anticipated policy implicationsMworozi, Edison; Gebru, Berhane; Kibaya, PatrickIDRC Only
2008Evaluating last-mile hazard information dissemination : a research proposalSamarajiva, RohanOpen Access
Feb-2011Examining the feasibility of informal settlement flood Early Warning Systems : focus on the urban flood-risk experience of Kosovo and Masiphumelele residents, Cape Town South AfricaSolomon, F.J .; Department of Environmental and Geographical Science, University of Cape TownIDRC Only
2008Fostering sustainable disaster resilient communities : a concept paper, v2.1Udu-gama, NatashaOpen Access
2007Hazard warnings in Sri Lanka : challenges of internetworking with common alerting protocolGow, Gordon; Anderson, Peter; Waidyanatha, NuwanIDRC Only
Sep-2011Hidden Markov Model for Analysis of Frontline Veterinary Data for Emerging Zoonotic Disease SurveillanceRobertson, Colin; Sawford, Kate; Gunawardana, Walimunige S N; Nelson, Trisalyn A; Nathoo, Farouk; Lasmezas, Corinne IdaOpen Access
2010How Can ICTs be used in Risk and Crisis Management in East Africa in a period of Climate Change?Mascarenhas, OpheliaIDRC Only
12-Aug-2011Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Water in the Face of Climate Change: Issues and Research Priorities in AsiaShaw, RajibIDRC Only
2011Information and Communications Technologies, Water and Climate Change Issues and Research Priorities in Latin America and the CaribbeanCliche, Gilles Cliche; Saravia, MiguelIDRC Only
2008Last Mile Hazard Warning System for disaster risk reduction in Sri Lankan villages : community organizationUdu-gama, NatashaOpen Access
2007Last-Mile Hazard Warning System in Sri Lanka : performance of the ICT first responder training regimeWaidyanatha, NuwanOpen Access
2008Last-Mile Hazard Warning System in Sri Lanka : performance of WorldSpace Addressable Satellite Radios for Emergency AlertsWaidyanatha, Nuwan; Rangarajan, Srinivasan; Gow, Gordon; Anderson, PeterOpen Access
2008Last-Mile Hazard Warnings System : evaluation of a pilot for a national implementation planWaidyanatha, NuwanOpen Access