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2000Construction of a water system using a sub-surface dam : a handbook for communities in semi-arid environmentsFairhead, M.J.B.IDRC Only
1997Dam and the nation : displacement and resettlement in the Narmada ValleyDrèze, J.; Samson, M.; Singh, S.IDRC Only
1981Dangerous developmentsLambrecht, F.Open Access
1996Decentralisation, watersheds and ethnicity in LaosDISPLACED PERSONS; Tubtim, Kaneungnit; Phanvilay, Khamla; Hirsch, PhilipIDRC Only
1998Depriving the underprivileged for developmentPandey, B.; Patro, A. K.; Rao, C.V.; Padhi, K. K.; Mallick, S.IDRC Only
1993Desecration of Nanula Kue : impact of Taltson hydroelectric development on Dene SonlineBielawski, EllenIDRC Only
1986Effect of the lack of accountability of international aid institutions on the Third World's environmentEnergy Probe; Adams, Patricia; Solomon, LawrenceIDRC Only
1993Final report / Earthquake Dam Safety in China : Dashihe tailings dam stabilityMorgenstern, N.R.; Robertson, P.K.; Finn, W.D.L.; McRoberts, E.IDRC Only
1997Final report to CIDA : snow and ice hydrology (Pakistan)Faruqui, N.Open Access
2003From forests to fields in Côte d'IvoireConway, K.Open Access
1991Future hydroelectric development in Brazilian Amazonia : towards comprehensive population resettlementMougeot, L.J.A.IDRC Only
1986Glacial lake outburst floods and risk engineering in the Himalaya : a review of the Langmoche disaster, Khumbu Himal, 4 Aug. 1985International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development; Ives, J.IDRC Only
Oct-2001Guidelines for conducting extended cost - benefit analysis of dam projects in ThailandChutubtim, PiyalukOpen Access
1995HydroelectricityBrooks, David B.IDRC Only
1991Integrating satellite imagery into a geographic information system for monitoring the downstream impacts of dam construction on floodplain agriculture in Sokoto State, NigeriaPilon, P.G.IDRC Only
1983Keban Dam reservoir : limnological reportTurkiye. Enerji ve Tabil Kaynaklar BakanligiIDRC Only
1994Kukula kidsMétavidea Associates; Radio-Québec; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Lapaix, A.IDRC Only
1992Laboratory test data analysis on Dashihe Tailings sandsLee, W.S.; Robertson, P.K.; Morgenstern, N.R.IDRC Only
2010Madagascar : adaptive options for growing atriatry rice in the context of climate change : the case of MarovoayAlizany, N.; Chrysostôme Rakotondravelo, J.; Rabarijohn, R.; Raharinjanahary, H.; Rabeharisoa, L.; Ranaivonasy, J.; Tiani, A.M.Open Access
1996Main dry-season fish migrations of the Mekong Mainstream at Hat village, Muang Khong district, Hee village, Muang Mouan district and Hatsalao village, PaxseSinghanouvong, Duankum; Soulignavong, Chaloune; Vonghachak, Khamdeng; Saadsy, Bounlium; Warren, Terrv J.IDRC Only