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2009Compendium on impact assessment of ICT-for-development projectsHeeks, Richard; Molla, AlemayehuOpen Access
2010Connecting in real space : how people share knowledge and technologies in cybercafésBest, Michael L.IDRC Only
2013Connecting people for development : why public access ICTs matterSey, Araba; Coward, Chris; Bar, François; Sciadas, George; Rothschild, Chris; Koepke, LucasOpen Access
14-May-2012Final technical report of the Amy Mahan Research Fellowship Program to Assess the Impact of Public Access to ICTProenza, Francisco J.Open Access
14-Aug-2013Global impact study of public access to information and communication technologies : final technical reportCoward, Chris; Sey, ArabaOpen Access
2010Implicancias del uso de las tecnologías de la información y comunicación en municipios rurales : un estudio de caso en Ayacucho, PerúKanashiro, Laura LeónOpen Access
2009Literature review on the impact of public access to information and communication technologiesSey, Araba; Fellows, MichelleOpen Access
2008Public access to ICTs : a review of the literature-Open Access
2012Public access to ICTs : sculpting the profile of users; working paperSciadas, George; Lyons, Hil; Rothschild, Chris; Sey, ArabaOpen Access
Oct-2012Public access, private mobile : the interplay of shared access and the mobile Internet for teenagers in Cape TownWalton, Marion; Donner, JonathanOpen Access
2009Sénégal : sous la guise de la concurrenceLCOpen Access
Aug-2013Undialogue agenda, issue 3, August 2013Institute of Informatics and Development (IID); University of Washington. Technology and Social Change Group; DnetIDRC Only