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1997Activity report 93-97 : International Network for Bamboo and RattanInternational Network for Bamboo and RattanIDRC Only
1996Agarbathi : a bamboo based industry in IndiaHanumappa, H.G.IDRC Only
1985Bamboo (China) : final reportChinese Academy of Forestry; Fu Maoyi; Chiou Fu GengIDRC Only
1989Bamboo (Kenya) project : second technical report and financial statement-IDRC Only
1990Bamboo (Kenya) project : third technical reportKigomo, B.N.IDRC Only
1992Bamboo / Rattan (Sri Lanka) : final report, Jan. 1989-Dec. 1991Sri Lanka. Ministry of Lands and Land DevelopmentIDRC Only
1987Bamboo : the miracle grassIDRC; McKee, N.; Whitehead, B.Open Access
-Bamboo abstractsChinese Academy of ForestryIDRC Only
1993Bamboo and its use : International Symposium on Industrial Use of Bamboo, Beijing, China, 7-11 Dec. 1992International Tropical Timber Organization; Sociedad de Estudios sobre Estado y SociedadIDRC Only
1985Bamboo and rattan : restoring the most neglected resources of Southeast AsiaCornelius, L.Open Access
1995Bamboo and rattan production to consumption systems : a framework for assessing development optionsInternational Network for Bamboo and Rattan; Belcher, B.IDRC Only
2011Bamboo as a sustainable building material for meeting housing needs in East Africa : a value chain case study in EthiopiaKibwage, Jacob K.; Frith, Oliver B.; Paudel, Shyam KrishnaIDRC Only
2010Bamboo as an alternative crop to smallholder tobacco farmers in South Nyanza region, KenyaTobacco To BambooIDRC Only
1991Bamboo as an engineering material : an annotated bibliographyIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia; Sastry, C.B.; Janssen, J.; Boughton, G.; Adkoli, N.S.; Ranjan, M.P.Open Access
1978Bamboo bibliographyForest Research Institute; Hasan, S.M.IDRC Only
1983Bamboo handling in the rural areas of Yogyakarta (Indonesia) with special reference to its traditional preservation : final reportSulthoni, AchmadIDRC Only
1995Bamboo Information Centre - India : final technical report, July 1989 - Dec. 1994Kerala Forest Research InstituteIDRC Only
1993Bamboo Mat Board (India) / Final Technical ReportIndia Plywood Industries Research and Training InstituteIDRC Only
1992Bamboo mat board : a new bamboo based building material from IndiaInternational Network for Bamboo and RattanIDRC Only
1997Bamboo mat board : an environmentally friendly plywood alternativeLumb, LionelOpen Access