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1982Antimicrobial therapy of chancroid : an evaluation of five treatment regimens correlated with in vitro sensitivityFast, M.V.; Nsanze, H.; D'Costa, L.J.; Karasira, P,; MacLean, I.W.IDRC Only
1983Bacteriological, virological and chemical evaluation of a wastewater aquaculture systemHejkal, T.W.; Gerba, C.P.; Henderson, S.; Freeze, M.IDRC Only
1981Chancroid and Haemophilus ducreyiRonald, A.R.; Albritton, W.L.IDRC Only
1996Coliphage Field Kit : technical final reportDan, F.S.; Ngeow, Y.F.; Wang, C.W.IDRC Only
1982Comparison of two media for the primary isolation of Haemophilus ducreyiNsanze, H.; Maggwa, A.B.N.; Maitha, G.; Dylewski, J.; Plummer, F.IDRC Only
1987Development of a simple test for bacteriological quality of drinking water and water source classificationUniversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; Malaysia. Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment; Mohd. Sanusi Jangi; Loh Chi Leong; Ho, P.Y.C.IDRC Only
1988Development of simple tests for bacteriological quality of drinking water (water quality control for South East Asia)Mahidol University; Komol SivaborvornIDRC Only
1988Evaluation of the coliphage procedure and presence / absence test as simple rapid economical methods for screening potable water sources and potable water supplies in ChileUniversidad de Chile; Castillo, G.; Thiers, R.IDRC Only
1982Final report on development of an ELISA test for the detection of fish antibodies directed against human pathogensGerba, C.P.; Zink, D.L.; Goyal, S.M.IDRC Only
1986Final report on water quality testing in South East AsiaSim Tiow SuanIDRC Only
1976In search of the mystery diseaseStanley, B.Open Access
1981In Vitro bacteriostatic power of some commonly used chemicals and antibiotics against Pseudomonas fluorescens and Vibrio anguillarumSupriyadi, H.IDRC Only
1987Methicillin resistant coagulase negative staphylococciRai, S.K.; Pokhrel, B.M.; Tuladhar, N.R.; Khadka, J.B.; Upadhyay, M.P.IDRC Only
1982Mobilization of nonconjugative antibiotic resistance plasmids in Haemophilus ducreyiDeneer, H.G.; Slaney, L.; MacLean, I.W.; Albritton, W.L.IDRC Only
1982Mode of action of palm oil in enhancing the utilization of cassava based rationsFomunyam, R.T.IDRC Only
1982Plasmid mediated sulfonamide resistance in Haemophilus ducreyiAlbritton, W.L.; Brunton, J.L.; Slaney, L.; MacLean, I.IDRC Only
1982Short course and single dose antimicrobial therapy of chancroid in Kenya : reports of studies with rifampin combined with trimethoprim and rifampin alonePlummer, F.A.; Nsanze, H.; D'Costa, L.J.; Maggwa, A.B.N.; Girouard, Y.IDRC Only
1982Single dose therapy of chancroid with trimethoprim-sulfametrolePlummer, F.A.; Nsanze, H.; D'Costa, L.J.; Karasira, P.; Maclean, I.W.IDRC Only
1982Treatment of chancroid by clavulanic acid with amoxycillin in patients with beta-lactamase-positive Haemophilus ducreyi infectionFast, M.V.; Nsanze, H.; D'Costa, L.J.; Plummer, F.A.; Karasira, P.IDRC Only
Jan-1990Use of simple, inexpensive microbial water quality tests : results of a three continent, eight country research projectDutka, B.J.; El-Shaarawi, A.H.Open Access