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2004Analysis report on the costs of IMCI in Tanzaniade Savigny, D.; Adam, T.; Manzi, F.; Kakundwa, C.; Schellenberg, J.IDRC Only
1995As Canadians butt out, the developing world lights upde Savigny, D.; Phillips, A.; Law, M.M.IDRC Only
1997Atlas of malaria in Africade Savigny, D.; le Sueur, D.; Binka, F.; Lengeler, C.; Snow, B.IDRC Only
2003Choosing health interventions and setting priorities : a district - level perspectivede Savigny, D.Open Access
2005Decentralizing EPI services and prospects for increasing coverage : the case of TanzaniaSemali, I.A.J.; Tanner, M.; de Savigny, D.IDRC Only
1994Economics of tobacco trade : enabling the transitionMedhora, R.; Phillips, A.; de Savigny, D.IDRC Only
2004Effect of integrated management of childhood illness on observed quality of care of under - fives in rural Tanzaniade Savigny, D.; Armstrong Schellenberg, J.R.M.; Bryce, J.; Lambrechts, T.; Mbuya, C.IDRC Only
1995First national : anti-pregnancy vaccineGlobal Television Network; de Savigny, D.; Percival, R.Open Access
2004Health care : learning from AfricaCanadian Broadcasting Corporation; de Savigny, D.IDRC Only
1989In vitro resistance patterns of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine : a reflection of strain specific immunity?Koella, J.C.; Hatz, C.; Mshinda, H.; de Savigny, D.; Macpherson, C.N.L.IDRC Only
2003Inequities among the very poor : health care for children in rural southern Tanzaniade Savigny, D.; Armstrong Schellenberg, J.; Victora, C.G.; Mushi, A.; Schellenberg, D.IDRC Only
1999Information for malaria control in Africa : are we ready?de Savigny, D.IDRC Only
1995Insecticide - treated bed nets in control of malaria in Africade Savigny, D.; Snow, R.W.; Lengeler, C.; Cattani, J.IDRC Only
1991Morbidity and mortality at Kilombero, Tanzania, 1982-88de Savigny, D.; Tanner, M.; Mayombana, C.; Hatz, C.; Burnier, E.IDRC Only
1991National : 10th anniversary of AIDS discoveryCanadian Broadcasting Corporation; de Savigny, D.; Savory, E.Open Access
1995New Canadian health care initiative in Tanzaniade Savigny, D.; Finlay, J.F.; Law, M.M.; Gelmon, L.J.IDRC Only
1996Newsworld early edition : malariaCanadian Broadcasting Corporation; de Savigny, D.; Petrie, A.Open Access
2003Obtaining rainfall estimates from satellite remote sensing : a step - by - step technical guide for INDEPTH DSS sitesde Savigny, D.; Lusinde, R.; Masanja, H.; Mwageni, E.; Craig, M.IDRC Only
2005Paludisme : maladie oubliéede Savigny, D.; Vignaux, B.IDRC Only
1998Progress of the MARA / ARMA (mapping malaria risk in Africa) projectde Savigny, D.; Craig, M.; le Sueur, D.; Fraser, C.; Sharp, B.IDRC Only